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Austria files lawsuit against Germany over autobahn foreigner tolls

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Staff Writer | October 12, 2017
The government in Vienna is now taking legal action before the European Court of Justice against a car toll in Germany planned for 2019.
Jörg Leichtfried
Europe   1.8 million commuters
The planned introduction of the toll would be discriminatory, Austrian Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried said in Vienna.

"Germans won't pay because they are German. Austrians will pay because they are Austrian. We're not going to stand for that," Leichtfried said in a statement.

There is a good chance of success in court, according to legal officials commissioned by the Austrian government.

When Germany’s upper house of parliament (Bundesrat) in March approved a controversial law imposing tolls on the country’s famous autobahns (motorways), Austria immediately objected, saying it discriminates against foreign drivers and announcing it would file a legal challenge.

Austria - a country where it is estimated that 1.8 million commuters would be affected by Germany's autobahn tolls - is now taking legal action against its larger neighbour.