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Australian government joins YouTube advertising boycott

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Staff Writer | March 31, 2017
The Australian Government has decided to make immediate changes to its advertising placement policy.
Scott Ryan
Technology   All non-corporate campaigns were suspended
The Australian Government has suspended all non-corporate campaign advertising from the YouTube platform.

This change is based on advice provided by the Government’s media agency Dentsu Mitchell.

It echoes concerns of other major advertisers around the world, including the UK Government, that automated online advertising placement programs could inadvertently result in the Australian Government’s advertisements appearing alongside inappropriate content.

In taking these steps the Australian Government is also preventing any taxpayer funds inadvertently flowing to unsavoury organisations through the YouTube platform.

“While the Australian Government currently works with Dentsu Mitchell to mitigate the risk of Government advertising appearing alongside inappropriate material, it was decided that further steps are now required,” Special Minister of State, Senator Scott Ryan, said.

“This measure is preventative and while advertising is being withdrawn from some websites, the Government will continue to communicate important messages to Australians using other means.”

“With digital advertising a key way for the Government to alert Australians about new programs or changes to policy, the Australian Government and Dentsu Mitchell will continue to request updates from Google on the steps being taken to mitigate risks.”