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Argentine President to ask for more time to pay debt to IMF

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 14, 2020
Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced yesterday that he will request more time to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in order to pay the pending debt with that body, the amount of which has reached US$44 billion.
Alberto Fernandez
Business in Argentina   President Alberto Fernandez
During an interview for the Radio Rivadavia program 'Tarde pero temprano,' the president talked about one of the issues that most concerns his management and the Argentines, and stressed that he is 'achieving a sensible dialogue to reach an agreement' with the IMF.

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On the other hand, Fernandez called to banish the idea that Argentina used to always live with debt. We should try to get back into debt as little as possible and if we get into debt, it is to grow, not to pay debts, he said.

About the amount pending with the IMF, he stressed that the Mauricio Macri Executive took a very high debt and his administration hopes to ask for more time to settle it. 'The problem we have is how, with the so punctured economy, we can face it.'

Despite the economic outlook, with an economy in crisis, Fernandez was optimistic that the country will move forward after stressing that 'we fell a thousand times and always get up' and noted that he will give everything of him to pay the debt.