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Argentina raises biodiesel prices, export taxes

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Staff writer ▼ | February 17, 2016
Argentina's Energy Ministry said Tuesday it had raised biodiesel export taxes to 3.89% and increased domestic prices by 5%, effective retroactively from February 1.
Argentina biodiesel
Energy source   Oil refiners must pay for biodiesel supplies
On its website, the department said the taxes were hiked from a record low of 1.62% in January, Platts reports.

The ministry also said it raised the prices oil refiners must pay for biodiesel supplies to meet a 10% blend requirement in diesel, depending on the supplier of the biodiesel supplies.

For supplies from large integrated producers, the price was increased to Pesos 7,977.64/mt ($539.61/mt), or 5.4% more than the Pesos 7,572.07/mt in January.

For output from nonintegrated large producers, the price was raised 5.2% to Pesos 9,194.18/mt from Pesos 8,735.98/mt over the same period, while the prices small and medium producers can charge were increased by the same percentage to Pesos 10,225.80-10,367.40/mt compared with Pesos 9,721-9,855/mt in January, the department said.

The increases come after a 50% depreciation of the peso against the dollar since December 16.