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Anti-dumping duty on EU herbicides to continue applying to products from Great Britain

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 1, 2020
The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission has decided to extend the list of origin of herbicides the Eurasian Economic Union applies anti-dumping duty for by adding Great Britain.
Eurasian Economic Union   Herbicides
The norms of the document's previous revision applied to the European Union countries only.

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The need to make amendments arose as Decision No. 90 of the EEC Board dated May 29, 2018 had introduced the anti-dumping measure for chemicals imported from the EU countries. At that time, Great Britain had been a member of this association. However, the country ended its EU membership on January 31, 2020.

According to Decision No. 90 of the EEC Board dated May 29, 2018, an anti-dumping duty amounting from 27.47 to 52.23% shall be applied to EU-originating herbicides.

The measure has been set for a 5-year period and shall not apply to manufacturers of herbicides under the BASF and Syngenta trademarks that have assumed price obligations.​