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Alberta sees potential in solar strategy

Staff Writer | April 7, 2017
Solar programs at the municipal level are supporting Alberta's goal of building its renewable energy mix to 30 percent by 2030, an Alberta minister said.
Shannon Phillips
Green energy   Minister Shannon Phillips:
A $3.7 million municipal support program from the provincial government provides rebates to municipalities that install solar panels on their offices and community centers.

By provincial estimates, the rebates in the last year helped those communities save more than a quarter million U.S. dollars on energy bills and helps support broader goals for renewable energy.

"Municipalities are valuable leaders in helping Alberta achieve 30 per cent renewable energy by 2030," Shannon Phillips, the provincial environment minister, said in a statement.

The government said solar power in the province doubled in 2015 thanks in part to a municipal and farm-area incentive program. Since the municipal program was launched last year, Alberta said 28 new solar installations have been financed.