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When your brain decides to do nothing

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | February 10, 2009
Huvafen Fushi in Maldives and Banyan Tree Ringha, China.
Maldives China
Maldives ChinaHuvafen Fushi in Maldives and Banyan Tree Ringha, China.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi is one of the most glamorous resorts in Maldives. It is situated in North Male Atoll which you can reach by luxury speedboats or by plane from the Male International Airport. If your only wish is to enjoy doing absolutely nothing, welcome to the tropical paradise.

Maldives ChinaThe best time to visit Huvafen Fushi Maldives is during January to March and from September to December. Have in mind that you're travelling on the equator and that beautiful combination of sun, the ocean and the white sand may leave not so beautiful toasted marks on you. So, pack sunscreen for the start. Also bring a book or two, fins and other "wet" sports equipment, put a hat on your head and your holiday is ready to roll.

When you step in Huvafen Fushi you will realise that you're just entered the wonderful dreamland. Reception area floor is covered with sand and at your disposal there stands a variety of lagoon and beach bungalows, ocean villas and beach pavilions equipped with the latest gadgets from Bose sound systems and iPod docking stations to espresso machines.

Maldives ChinaReserve the time to visit Huvafen Fushi's Lime Spas that offer two underwater treatment rooms, something what you absolutely must experience. While you're waiting for a treatment and have nothing to do, chill out on an oversized day bed and enjoy watching through the glass window how they fishes and other ocean's swimming animals are doing. When lying on your back start to bore you, visit other spa treatment rooms that have glass-bottomed floors and look at the sea residents laying on the other side.

In the evening treat yourself with a colourful cocktail with umbrella or something their barmen likes to stick in, , or switch to some fine vine, that is always a better choice. After that we can only say: bon appetite.

Banyan Tree Ringha, China

For the next destination you will need layered clothing, tooth brush and couple of books - make up, shaving things and perfumes clouds leave at home, you'll not need that considering where you're going.

Maldives ChinaBanyan Tree Ringha, a 5-star luxury hotel in the middle of Tibetan farming villages, offers a unique experience far away from the main touristic routes. It is situated in Ringha valley in south-western China squeezed between Tibet, Myanmar and Sichuan Province borders. The best time to visit Banyan Tree is in the beginning of June when flowers are in full bloom and the whole nature starts to live.

You will love Banyan Tree a lot. For the start all rooms are on two floors. Tibetan Suite, the smallest room has more than 204 square meters. Yes, you read it right. The room is decorated in dark woods and hand-carved panelling with a touch of China red and an extra detail, long pillows. Second floor occupies a terrace with an outdoor day bed. Each room has a high-speed Internet access, television, DVD and a stereo system.

What were once yaks stables today is the bathroom. You guessed right, it is huge, too. One wall of the bathroom is occupied with double sinks, on the other wall there are toilet and shower, while in the centre set upon a stone stands wooden tub, so large that it last hour and the half to fill it. In the meantime take a walk...

Maldives ChinaNow, you are pretty much in the middle of the nowhere. But, the nature is beautiful, you're on vacation with your mobile phone off, yaks are passing by, people smiles friendly, the life is beautiful. If you don't want to explore the nearest village now is the time for Anna Karenina or War and Peace. If that is not the case, taste some local food (something with rice), take a guided tour, rent a horse and go back to the hotel full of new experiences. Don't skip the dinner (something with rice) and after that finish the day watching the news on TV, or just crash into the bed as a new born yak's baby.


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