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Wadi Mujib canyon, an amazing adventure you can only have in Jordan

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Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | September 6, 2019
Located about a two-hour drive south of the Jordan's capital Amman, the Wadi Mujib is a river that flows westward into the Dead Sea.
Wadi Mujib canyon
Jordan   An awesome destination for adventure lovers
Measuring 500 metres in depth and spanning 4 kilometres across, the impressive Wadi Mujib canyon nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of Jordan", is one of Jordan's most remarkable natural features.

Located along the King's Highway and close to the east coast of the Dead Sea, the dramatic canyon features sheer rocky walls and sparkling waterways that range from puddle height to depths that are perfect for swimming trails.

The area was formed millions of years ago, and today it’s a truly magnificent place to visit when you are in Jordan.

The canyon is just one feature of the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, the lowest nature reserve in the world, home to a surprising diversity of wildlife and plant species.

With five different trails available, it's an ideal hiking spot especially in the spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) months.

The most exciting attraction of Mujib is the adventure tour along the river: an all day trip which takes you through deep canyons and pools where you can swim and enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife.

All trails within the Mujib Biosphere Reserve include an experienced guide and require a minimum of five people and they must be booked in advance.

There is only one trail which is open during winter and if you wish to get into the water you will need to visit between April and October.