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Unique and fun experience: Dance before work in Sandton, South Africa

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Staff Writer | December 5, 2018
As the year starts to wind down and the excitement of holidays starts to wind up, we can't help but want to dance.
Secret Sunrise
Africa   Everyone is welcome. No experience needed.
Dance as the days tick on by and that feeling of freedom draws nearer and nearer!

A prework party in the Alice Lane precinct on Wednesday the 5th December 2018 at 06h30am is your change to grab your colleagues and your bosses and come down to the Precinct to get that endorphin rush before work! Start your day with a dance party and see how your day goes from 3/10 to 10/10. :)

Have you been to a Secret Sunrise before? If not, don't worry! This is not the kind of party where you have to look or move in a certain way - in fact the whole thing is designed for you to just be ok with however you are dancing.

Instructors will help guide you through so no one is left feeling uncertain on what to do.

This Secret Sunrise is your chance to experience something new and different and to reap all the benefits of an early morning movement practice - feeling good, better breathing, dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain increase, better connection with those around you: need we say anything else?

You are going to be super close to lots of delicious coffee and breakfast spots for you to grab something yummy to eat before 8am! Everyone is welcome. No experience needed.

Time: 06.30pm (please collect headphones 15 min before)

Location: Corner Alice Lane and 5th Street in Sandton, South Africa