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Three offers you can't refuse

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Sir Douglas Hawthorne |
Blancaneaux Resorts Coppola"Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me." - Godfather (1972). "But until that day, visit Belize, Bali and Joinville, Brazil." - poandpo (2009).

Blancaneaux, Belize
When someone in his life films so many movie hits like he does, what do you think what will be his next move? To film another hit, of course. And you would be wrong. Because we are talking here about Francis Ford Coppola, the maker of Godfather, which means that is a great possibility that things will get some other dimension. Having that information you'd guess right.

Blancaneaux Resorts CoppolaSituated some 30km south of San Ignacio, Belize, in Mountain Pine Ridge National Park lies Blancaneaux Resorts; a hunting lodge once, one of the three Coppola's eco-conscious properties today. Book Cessna to add a dramatic touch to the journey and choose accommodation between 10 cabanas, a house with its own golf court and seven villas (lighting candles at the evening!). Prepare for the time without TV and phone but also be prepared for "Good morning, what you would like for breakfast?" via shell phone.

If the director himself is not present on the property you are free to book his villa with a private plunge pool, screened balconies, Japanese tubs and large baths with indoor-outdoor showers. The property has its own organic garden and Italian restaurant, the best in Cayo District with the dishes that comes from the Coppola family cookbook and some of the best wines from Coppola's California vineyards. Lay-back and enjoy in sounds of jungle, swim in cool Privassion Creek, use complimentary mountain bike, horseback ride or go on Land Rover adventure and visit Maya temples.

Bali, Indonesia
"When the land has been created on Earth, God Ida Sang Hyang Widhi/Bathara Pasupati ordered other gods to make a new island where all gods will be worshipped. Every god became one part of the island and the gods were very delightful with their successful works and chose their shrines at the island named Bali. From those ancient times Bali is called the Island of Gods", says nice but long legend which we made shorter, for you will like to hear its end while you're still breathing.

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel BaliBest time to visit Bali is between May and September, which means now. We lead you to the south-eastern Bali to visit Nusa Dua, the resort peninsula known by large 5 star resorts, shopping malls and miles of white sandy beaches. That pretty much crowded place, comparing with Belize, offers a range of activities. Stay in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, one of the oldest and owned by the Sultan of Brunei which has welcomed presidents and royalty. Let local people and beautiful nature be your places of interest like Tenganan, one of the original villages where traditions have changed little over the centuries or markets where you will bargain as long as it takes for a nice piece of ceramic or a traditional painting.

Unfortunately, real Balinese food is not available to tourists and there are a number of rules concerning food, beverages and behaviour. The host does not usually eat with guests; a cake is always served with coffee or tea, nuts with rice wine, and tea, water or tuak (a palm beer) with the meal. And now to Sir Douglas.

Joinville, Brazil
Thank you, Vesna. Joinville is a city in the state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil where 500,000 people, mostly of German descent, live on the estuary of the Sao Francisco do Sul River. The main industries are export of tea and coffee and light industry, but it is mainly know as a regional center for business events, thanks to good infrastructure.

Parque da Expoville JoinvilleThe town is very proud of its rich history: In the national monument Cemitério dos Imigrantes you can see the graves of early German settlers, and one of Joinville's main attractions is the Sambaqui Archaeological Museum with more than 12,000 exhibits.

Joinville is the town of choice for businessmen. There are many top class venues and for large events the choice is Centreventos Cau Hansen. Built in arena shape, it has modern equipment and is suitable to receive 10,000 people. Expoville is another space for big exhibitions; there are dozens of auditoriums for shows, dance spectacles and fairs. While you are there don't miss the Prince of Joinville III yacht; the best equipped tourism vessel in the Brazilian coast with capacity for 350 passengers. She does tours on the waters of the Babitonga Bay archipelago, amidst the rich ecosystem which is a home of many species.

A golf course, equine center and a kart track may be the places to spend the excess of adrenaline. For outdoor activities lovers, there are places suitable for practicing any sport, from shooting to adventure and nautical. Who said that business and pleasure can't go hand in hand?

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