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The power of government

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Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | May 12, 2009
Some governments last four years, some built a city in that time, some can turn anything to gold. Visit Washington D.C., Jaipur in India and Dubai in UAE.
WashingtonSome governments last four years, some built a city in that time, some can turn anything to gold. Visit Washington D.C., Jaipur in India and Dubai in UAE.

Washington D.C., USA
Washington D.C, or simply Washington, is the capital of United States situated on the river Potomac. The history of the city is short and powerful. Today, Washington is a huge stage on which actors change every four years and each time when that happens some new people give their hearts to the city. To feel the city beat it will not take long. There are no skyscrapers in Washington, no traffic jams, just the cherry trees and famous landmarks. Washington is a city of numerous museums, historical sites and buildings, art galleries, bookstores, coffee shops and people who like its vibrations.

WashingtonJust across from the White House lies The Hay-Adams, a classic style hotel which is one of Washington's most revered landmarks. Book a suite in the hotel and take a time to know the city. Start sightseeing with the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum complex which includes more than 142 million objects and continue to explore led just by an open heart. Downtown Washington hides contemporary restaurants and trendy shops while just minutes away there is Mclean, Virginia, the largest shopping mall with more than 290 stores which includes everything from high fashion apparel to home furnishing.

You will like Old Town Alexandria, historic town perfect for sightseeing and dining after you spend a whole day on your feet. Don't leave the city before you visit the arts and crafts fair which took place each Saturday on the Capitol Hill. Washington is not just the city of the bureaucracy, dark suites and people in hurry. It blooms in spring with million flowers to show its gentle side. It's once in a year, we know, but it counts anyway. It's Washington D.C after all.

JaipurJaipur, India
Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state, India, situated some 262 kilometres from New Delhi, and the first planned city in India. It was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh and built by the principles of the Indian Architecture only four years later. It is one of the best planned cities by the opinion of many architects. In 1853, in honour to the Prince of Wales the whole city was painted pink to welcome him. That event brings to the city a new name, Pink city.

JaipurJaipur is located in a desert area and has dry and hot climate. The best time to visit the city is between October and March. Settle yourself in The Raj Palace that carries its name with reason. Palace Suits spread on 400 square metres and provide individual personal royal house accommodation: private entrance, private lounge, gardens, spa, large luxurious bathrooms, fitness centre, private business centre, library, butler service, gold leafed painted walls... Presidential suite is a four floor apartment that has area of 1500 square meters which make it one of the biggest; if not the biggest suites in whole Asia and the luxury it offers is above everything you can imagine.

Just across from the palace lies Jantar Mantar, the largest stone observatory in the world and one of the five observatories built by the Maharaja Jai Singh. Jewellery, handicraft and textile shops are just walk distance from the palace while Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds adjoins the outside of the palace wall. From that point you will have excellent view on the city and a life that flows below your feet. Visit Kanak Vrindavan Valley, an exotic place in the desert for which people believe that is blessed or Sanganer town known by the supreme quality of handmade papers and hand printed textiles.

JaipurDubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is one of the seven emirates situated between Asia and Europe. It lies on the banks of the Dubai Creek which divides the city in two parts: Diera district on the north side and Bur Dubai on the south. Dubai is the second largest member of UAE, the most populous, vibrant and surprising city in many ways.

Luxury hotels, desert and wild drive on sand dunes are probably the first things that came to mind when thinking of Dubai. It is less known that Dubai is full of historical sites, from Al Fahidi Fort built around 1787 which houses the Dubai Museum, to a traditional heritage village where you can see a demonstration of pearl diving. Although it seems that it owns its wealth to oil, revenues from gas and oil contribute less than 6 percent in GDP. Dubai is golden city because of gold. It is the second largest distributor of bullion and the Middle East supply hub for the jewellery market. So, it's understandable why Dubai is home of the biggest, the shiniest, and the most extravagant structures in the world.

JaipurTo feel the spirit of old Dubai enjoy ride on small boat called abra or watch mass wrestling matches and even participate in a friendly combat. There are many restaurants in Dubai. Almost every known name in restaurant business is in Dubai, but you can find small eating places in all parts of the city with plenty of local specialities to enjoy.

Who said that Dubai is sand-only place? If you stay in Grand Hyatt hotel you may be surprised by a real rainforest in the lobby. Do you like to watch birds? Dubai is an excellent place for birdwatchers. Rent a car and just an hour ride from the city you'll find more than 200 bird species. Or go to ski. Everything is possible in Dubai.