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The impressive city of Guangzhou

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Wilson Jone ▼ | November 5, 2016
China   A bustling city of 13 million in southeastern China

Guangzhou, often overshadowed by Beijing and Shanghai, is one of the biggest and wealthiest cities in China. Its distinctive cuisine attracts those curious ones to examine its past end enjoy the bold 21st century pieces and exciting parks that live their lives in harmony.

GuangzhouGuangzhou, also known as Canton, is the capital of Guangdong Province in southeastern China and the 3rd-largest Chinese city. That coastal city is well connected with Hong Kong and Macau, and its transportation artery will get you to other places at affordable cost cutting challenging landscape you never though it was humanly possible. And while Chinese fascination with bullet trains makes traveling fun, their fascinations with arhitecture makes Guangzhou so impressive, fresh and out of the box.

Ferris wheel on top of Canton towerAfter all, in how many places you can enjoy your meal in a restaurant at 424 meters above ground? The 600 meters high Canton tower with an observation at the top and revolving glass balls is the tallest building in China. Guangzhou Opera House is something you must see, as well as the carved box-shaped Guangzhou Museum of art.

Guangzhou New LibraryIn the city situated in the heart of China, the country of ancient religions, the symbol of peace is - the Cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus, locally known as Shishi, Stone House. If you want, on the other hand, to see another 21st century wonder, we recommend Guangzhou New Library with 1.2 million books on eight floors that is a stunning piece of arhitecture, and a huge shopping market TaiKoo Hui designed to cater shoppers and foodies alike where you can easily lose a sense of time.

Qingping marketIn the city, life flourishes in Qingping market. There you can find there all sort of stuff tied to Chinese medicine, including things you never know existed. This is the biggest traditional medicine market in Southern China will all things dried: from ginseng and deer, to bugs and "This heals everything" Tibetan medicine. But there are usual market things and all kind of meat and meals, you name it, they have it. This is one of the most exciting markets in the world you can stroll for hours.

The Safari park & zooBut Guangzhou is, first and foremost, a city for fun and relax. The safari park and zoo are the best in Asia, there is almost a consensus about that, and Chinese went a step further and put a big safari park and world-class circus together in one big place. There you can enjoy cart rides among animals roaming around and it's a quite an experience because it spreads on 130 hectares. After Chengdu, this is the place with most pandas.

Chimelong HotelAnd Guangzhou is the city of entertainment parks. Chimelong Paradise is an amusement park on 60 hectares that offers unique – and terrifying experience. Chimelong Waterpark is the largest in Asia with insane number of daily visitors and in the nearby 5-star Chimelong Hotel you can dine with white tigers. And there is Crocodile Park, the biggest crocodile farms in the world with 100,000 animals. Yes, Guangzhou parks are exciting and nice, but nature is nicer.

White Cloud MountainThe Pearl River is the third longest river in China and one of the biggest in the world. But, the Guangzhou section is one the most beatiful of the all. Some people are coming to the city just to see scenic spots along the river. You can take a bus and then a cable car to nearby White Cloud Mountain, also called the First Spectacular Scene. You'll have to spit CNY 5 for the bus ride. After the ride refreshment is welcome and when it comes to it Guangzhou cuisine is the best in country, people say.

Guangzhou restaurantLike a real traveler you should taste it and we have an address for you: Datong Restaurant at 63 Yanjiang Road. We'll say just this: crispy chicken, roasted pig, and custard tart. And when the night falls, you may enjoy performance from world's best singers and orchestras or listen 2,300 years old poems. After the experience out of this world, there is only one question hovering in mind: When will I come back to this beautiful city?

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