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Sandboard on the hottest and amazing desert landscape of Peru

Staff Writer | September 12, 2018
Huacachina in Peru is home to the largest sand dunes in South America, absolutely perfect for sandboarding.
Peru   The only desert oasis in South America is the hotspot for sandboarding
The gigantic sand dunes are beautiful, surreal and mesmerizing. A tour into the desert feels like an “out of this world” experience, almost like visiting the surface of another planet.

People of all ages visit Huacachina and climb into a 4-wheel-drive dune buggy driven by a professional driver.

Half the tour is riding in the dune buggy, up and down the dunes at fast speeds. And the other half of the tour is a chance to try the adventure sport of “sandboarding”.

If you are not looking for excitement or adrenalin there is a private tour that will take you on a relaxing exploration of the desert at a moderate pace.

You will have multiple opportunities to take photographs and watch the amazing sunset over the dunes.

This tour is romantic and relaxing, and you are welcome to bring your own bottle of champagne or wine and some glasses with you.

It is advisable to either take the tour in the morning to avoid the heat or in the late afternoon in order to see the sun set over the oasis.