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Rome opens Colosseum for moonlight tours this summer

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | July 28, 2020
These hot summer months, take advantage to see the beating heart of ancient Rome and feel the history of the world’s most visited ancient monument under the moon.rn
Colosseum moonlight tours
Italy   Experience a magical night tour
The construction of the Colosseum began in the year 72 under the empire of Vespasian and was finished in the year 80 during the rule of the emperor Titus making it the largest amphitheatre ever built at the time.

The emperor Titus inaugurated the Colosseum with 100 days of games, which took the life of more than 2,000 gladiators.

The Colosseum remained active for over 500 years and the last recorded games in history were celebrated in the 6th century. The Colosseum is still an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome and is listed as one of the New7Wonders of the World. And it still looks beautiful no matter the time of day.

Normally tourists attractions close the gates after dark. But now it is possible to visit the Colosseum after sunset when the night atmosphere makes the monument’s beauty shine in a special, magical light.

This summer, guided tours of the Colosseum take place every Saturday night from 25 July to 29 August 2020, thanks to the return of the Luna sul Colosseo experience.

The tours last about an hour and begin on the arena floor, with its views into the underground tunnels where gladiators and wild animals were held before combat, and also includes a visit to the first level of the ancient amphitheatre.

The tours, conducted in Italian and English, are designed for groups of up to 20 people, with visitor safety and social distancing guaranteed by Parco Colosseo.

Tickets cost €24, and there is a family package costing €44 (two adults plus up to three children under the age of 18).

Booking must be made online, by selecting the day and time of visit, via the Colosseum website or Coopculture website.