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Planning the weekend around the globe (28)

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Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | December 19, 2007
December 26, 2007
Asia, Australia

The most spectacular, 628 nautical miles long ocean race begins at the day after Christmas, December 26.
weekend 28
weekend 28December 26, 2007
Asia, Australia

The most spectacular, 628 nautical miles long ocean race begins at the day after Christmas, December 26. The most challenging Rolex Sydney Hobart race starts in Sydney Harbour. The fleet sails out into the Tasman Sea, down the southeast coast of mainland Australia and across Bass Strait, to the east coast of Tasmania, to the city of Hobart. Due to weather and sea conditions, Sydney Hobart race is one of the most challenging, and thus most rewarding, races on blue water. It's worth to see it.

weekend 28For wine lovers
Europe, Spain

For a joyful end of the year you need a perfect wine. Small wine shop in Madrid named Reserva y Cata offers you a selection of excellent and unusual wines that you don't find in all the other shops. Its policy is "small is big" (brave statement for hot-blooded Spanish) even when it's about the wine. In Reserva y Cata you will find wines from most Spanish regions like La Rioja, El Bierzo, Ribera del Duero, Mediterranean region of Yecla, Malaga... For wine lovers those names mean something, for newborn lovers this is a opportunity to taste the work of Spanish Dionise. My partner just warned me that I'm misquoted their motto. So, I will correct myself: The motto is "small is better"... Well, I think that they'll have more business success with my motto. But, that's up to them...

weekend 28Last minutes of 2007
Asia, Vietnam

If you plan to exhaust your body in New Year's night, start to pack. We are taking you to a place where beautiful girls will do a miracle to your toxicated body and prepare you for the night in which you'll ruin all their efforts. At Pranburi, (approximately three hours from Bangkok) you can visit Earth Spa by Six Senses Hideaway Hua Hin, where people will do their best for your benefit. Many of the ingredients used in the treatments are grown right at the Six Senses Hideaway, like rice, coconut, avocado, papaya, lime, Aloe vera, cucumber, pandanus leaf, and lemongrass. I think that meal after the treatment will include probably the same ingredients. Appetizer outside, appetizer inside.

weekend 28Americas, USA
"Flying adventures in the L-39 jet fighter are now available in the town where dreams come true." With those words Incredible Adventures calls you to join them in a new adventure. If adrenaline is what moves your body, book the term and forget all worries. Even your driving skills include a car, for only 3300 dollars you can be a pilot of jet fighter. Your adventure will be edited into a short movie, complete with the soundtrack, if you decide to look at it, ever. Prepare for full Top Gun experience above California and Nevada.

weekend 28Europe, Italy
Excitement in Europe is a little bit different, but it can be found on very strange places if you know where to look. This time we lead you to Rome, Italy, in not so ordinary restaurant named L'Eau Vive and run by - Carmelite nuns. At this moment you still don't have a clue how will nuns beat the Top Gun show. For the start, due to their job nuns are closer to heaven. Their first speciality is to keep the menu as a secret until supper starts. But, the surprise is always good because they perfectly prepare French food. Just for a hint: flambé filets with the salt of goat cheese. Perfect! In the end of supper all quests and nuns sing Ave Maria! Excellent restaurant with an amazing atmosphere! Just one thing worries me... Why I have a picture of Whoopi Goldberg in my head?