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Places to go (5)

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | February 6, 2008
Europe, Sweden
February 7 - 10, 2008

From February 7 - 10 you can visit Karlstad, beautiful town in Sweden and be a part of the running cars competition.
places to go
places to goEurope, Sweden
February 7 - 10, 2008

From February 7 - 10 you can visit Karlstad, beautiful town in Sweden and be a part of the running cars competition.

Uddeholm Swedish Rally 2008 offers exciting running of two cars on 1886m parallel tracks. There will be jumping over the 30m bridge in the middle of the track with a force of 5G at the landing. Very impressive, if I may say so. Cars will drive 160 km/h in synchronized tracks and when one driver will flies out from the bridge the other one will drive under the bride. You can buy popcorns before entering, but I think that popcorns will be all around you more than inside you. Good entertainment, indeed.

places to goEurope, Budapest
February 14 - 17, 2008

On these dates Budapest will be the host of Budapest Boat Show. At the same time it will be a host of another simultaneous event, the 2nd International Camping and Caravan Exhibition, so you can choose the event that suits you better. The Boat Show will offer you equipment and services ranging from water sports to surfing, water skiing, to charters, to motorboats and luxurious yachts. You can visit both exhibits in Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. Honour guest of this year's Boat Show is Italy so you may expect great design solutions, good looking hostesses and lot of information you can carry home (hostess - stays, information - goes with you).

Europe, Ireland
February 17 - 18, 2008

places to goValentine's day is close and that is a perfect day for one touching moment - wedding. For six years in a row Dublin is the host of the biggest and the best bridal exhibition in Eire. In CityWest Hotel you may see the latest creations from top designers, speak with a wedding co-ordinators, photographers or florists. Exclusive wedding dresses will be made especially for the show, guests and mothers of the brides. Everybody who wants to hang themself feel welcome to visit Dublin's bridal exhibition. Before you make that important step take a deep breath and remember Platon's words: "Love is one painful mental disorder." And he was a honourable philosopher...

places to goAmericas, Texas
Let's go to Texas. The star of the Texas rodeo show is little capuchin monkey that rides a dog. That I call joyful event! Little monkey named Whisplash is 21 years old and by his owners words he is old enough to vote. In the light of actual American elections we truly hope that that will not be the case. Beside the fact that he rides dog very successful, he has private life, too. Whisplash likes to watch the Cartoon Network, he enjoy in Walt Disney movies (Brother Bear and Peter Pan) and he plays with toys. Really monkey business! If road take you to Forthworth visit little Whisplash on rodeo show.

places to goAmericas, Jamaica
If you still insist, use Valentine's day as a cause to hear the "Yes" word. Take your darling to Royal Plantation at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and "Yes" is guaranteed. That Jamaican resort serves couples with a champagne picnic on a white sand beach, with dinner for two on the pier with private butler service and select spa treatments. It is the perfect place for the most important move in a life. They also have wedding planner offer, bridal floral and all that wedding stuff. Royal Plantation offers panoramic ocean views and, believe me, everything your heart desires, or doesn't know that it desires. In a place like that every girl will gladly say "Yes". You know what people used to say: "If a man doesn't lose head because of love, it hasn't one".