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Places to go (17)

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | June 25, 2008
Temperature rises day by day and what is better than to try to find same refreshing place. We found same nice water spots that you will like.
Places to go 17
Places to go 17Temperature rises day by day and what is better than to try to find same refreshing place. We found same nice water spots that you will like.

For more than 3000 years Maldives is a place of different cultures. Situated Southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator, Maldives islands encompass 1,190 coral islands forming 26 major atolls. Dance, music, corals and nice warm people, that is all Maldives. People used to say: Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. Coconut, mango and bananas are the part of every menu on Maldives as is piquant curry and rice, while meat is on the menu only on some special occasions. Red lobster and tunas are Maldivian delicateses and if we can judge people just by what they eat Maldivians are very happy and temperament people.

Places to go 17Warm and humid climate with average temperature around 29 to 32 degrees Celsius call to sea activity so it is not big surprise that exactly fishing is traditionally very strongly connected with Maldivian life. And how to experience Maldives than to dive below the sea surface? But this time we do not lead you to sport diving, we lead you to unique dinner. Five meters below the surface lies the world's unique restaurant made entirely of glass. Can you imagine the view? Absolutely fascinating! First you can look how your dinner swims around you and then enjoy 23 courses long menu after which you will lick your fingers.

Places to go 17Patagonia
Patagonia is situated at the southern part of South America. Portuguese maritime explorer Ferdinand Magellan called this part of the world "patagon" describing the native people as the giants. By his opinion the natives were 3,65 to 4,57 metres high. It is now believed that mythical race of people were still 1,55 to 1,80 metres tall in average. But, if we know that in fear the eyes are big this is the only logical explanation of Magellan's "giants". Regardless of that, Patagonia got its name.

Patagonia's main attractions are severe mountains, lakes and glaciers that enables range of activity all year around from horse riding, rafting, trekking, driving on four-wheel motorcycles and even flying in an aerostatic balloon. If you want to "shock" your lungs with fresh ear visit El Calafate, national capital of the glaciers, situated near Perito Moreno glacier on the southern shore of Lago Argentino, Santa Cruz. Connect luxury accommodation in Relais & Châteaux hotel with Argentina's Patagonia wilderness and see what left Magellan fascinated. El Calafate got its name from the small bush calafate that yields very delicious fruit. Be careful when you eat it because according to tradition those who eat calafate will return for more. This dream corner of the world waits for your visit.

Places to go 17Slovenia
Moravske Toplice (Moravske Spa) is located in the middle of region Prekmurje in South-East part of Slovenia. It is unique with four springs of thermal mineral water that rises from depth of 1,175 to 1,467 metres. Temperature on the springs amounts to 72 Celsius and excess of thermal mineral water goes back to the depth of the Earth. Moravske Toplice encompassing 5,000 square meters of water surface, wild river, 22 pools, geysers, waterfalls, water powers and many other entertainments facilities are on disposal to guests.

The biggest attraction of Moravske Toplice is 22 meter high tower with 170 and 140 metres long water toboggans with sound and light effects. Five stars Hotel Livada Prestige lies on 12,600 square metres and it is unique hotel in the world. It has 122 rooms and each one has its own little pool with black thermal water. Thermal complex encompasses 18 hole golf course and the field with the hole number 9 is the longest in Slovenia. When you are there try Livada Prestige wellness program. Choose "Star Moment" massage with cacao butter and "Rainbow Relaxing" massage with vitamin creme after which follows a short relaxing in water bed coloured as rainbow.