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Places to go (13)

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | May 21, 2008
Leave your big cities, feel the spirit of the ancient Stone Town in Zanzibar, find out what is Manna from Heaven, but first book a flight to Vahine Island.
places to go 13
places to go 13 Leave your big cities, feel the spirit of the ancient Stone Town in Zanzibar, find out what is Manna from Heaven, but first book a flight to Vahine Island.

French Polynesia
Vahine Island Resort Hotel is an exclusive paradise on a private island near Tahiti and Bora Bora islands in French Polynesia. It offers three types of accommodations to its privileged guest so you can choose between three over water bungalows, three beach bungalows and three deluxe suite bungalows.

places to go 13 All bungalows are decorated with local Polynesian's materials and wood, and equipped with telephone with fast internet access, have shower with hot and cold drinking water, LCD screen and DVD player. Deluxe beach bungalow have installed "aquarium table" to you may observe exotic fishes and even feed them while you are seating and drinking tea. The table is equipped with spotlight to attract fishes during the night providing the unique "TV programme" you'll ever see. While you are there don't miss to taste Polynesia's delicious flavours and local seafood, enjoy among coconut trees and multicoloured plants, snork, sail, or if you have guts take a challenge in big game fishing.

Just imagine how nice will be to have "pride fishermen" picture in your office. Certainly much better than some creepy horns.

places to go 13 Australia
While you wait for a flight rest or check business papers in the private work suites on the airport lounge. This time we choose Qantas Sydney Lounge. It offers high-speed broadband internet access providing to you be in the "flow" with your co-workers. Qantas Sydney Lounge in its restaurant provides delicious menu to its costumers. Your brain cells will work much better after you taste something from the menu created by Neil Perry, head chef and founder of Rockpool restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.

For breakfast he offers organic egg omelette with ham, leek and Gruyere and a freshly squeezed juice. Then try grilled fish with celeriac remoulade & Kipfler potatoes. If you wish just a salad, it is of crumbed goat's cheese with roast baby beetroot, walnut and endive and for a dessert taste raspberry and passion fruit cake with significant name 'Manna from Heaven'.

Before eating, visit its spa. It offers well-being treatments using luxury shower products of Kevin Murphy and Payot of Paris. If you have enough time visit the library. It offers a selection of newspapers, magazines and coffee table books. Use the time to catch up with the world news. If you meet an interesting person invite him to chess match to spend some time. Relax in Qantas Sydney Lounge five-star facilities with five star service and after that have a safe and pleasant flight to your destination.

places to go 13 Africa, Tanzania
For many years Stone Town was a major centre of the slave trade. It is the old part of Zanzibar City, the capital of the island of Zanzibar an a part of Tanzania. Today, Stone Town is a cultural heart of Zanzibar who changed a little from 19th century. You can experience Zanzibar by walking through its crowdie, bustling market and winding streets, by viewing colourful shops and impressive mosques. Mingle with a people, visit House of Wonders and try a spice tour. Those scents will occupy your nose for a long time.

Famous House of Wonders was the first building in Zanzibar that had electricity and the first in East Africa that had an elevator. House of Wonders was damaged during the Shortest War in History, 1896. The war lasted for only 40 minutes.

And if you just ask yourself where to stay, stay in the Zanzibar Serena Inn. It was once an old Arab merchant's house. Today, it is the best five stars hotel in Stone Town. Zanzibar Serena Inn offers beautiful view and all the benefits of nowadays. Feel the essence of Zanzibar. It still smell ancient and looks mysterious but it also offer a hand to be seen and become important. So, warp yourself with fluffy bathrobes step on the balcony with glass of orange juice and...

You know what? Actually, Stone Town doesn't need to pray to become important – it already is. Because you stay on the ground designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage and exactly that makes it important.