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Parents will approve: Moscow Domodedovo Airport equipped baby care rooms

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 14, 2019
Moscow Domodedovo installed cribs and baby monitors in baby care rooms.
Domodedovo Airport
Russia   In January-August 2019, Moscow Domodedovo served over 1.7 million children
Now passengers with children of age before three years old can enjoy their time in the airport as well as a comfortable environment to put a baby to sleep.

Since the beginning of the year, the airport has been developing the family services program to ensure the seamless traveling experience for parents and their kids.

Moscow Domodedovo strives to simplify pre-flight security screenings as well as create welcoming spaces to wait for a flight.

The baby care room is located on the second floor of the terminal building. The terminal also features hygiene facilities as well as a sleeping room. These centers provide free diapers and disposable underpads for babies.

The kitchens at these facilities offer passengers access to baby food warmers, microwave ovens, hot and cold water dispensers.

In January-August 2019, Moscow Domodedovo served over 1.7 million children. There are six playing rooms in the terminal working round the clock as well as 23 hygiene facilities.

The airport also offers to rent a stroller for free.