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Palo Duro, the Grand Canyon of Texas

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 24, 2020
If you drive toward Palo Duro Canyon from Amarillo, Texas, you'll see Palo Duro gradually emerging ahead of you.
Palo Duro
Texas   Palo Duro means hard wood in Spanish
The Grand Canyon of Texas is the second largest and longest canyon in the U.S. 120 miles long and 20 miles across at its widest point. The highest elevation is 3,463 feet above sea level, the deepest point is over 800 feet from the rim, and the Prairie Dog Town fork of the Red River formed a truly unique nature wonder.

Palo Duro means hard wood in Spanish and people have inhabited that area for around 12,000 years.

You can can drive down to see the floor of the canyon via Park Road 5 and while there you will see the most prominent feature, the Lighthouse, a 300 foot formation at the north end of the canyon. You can access it from the road or by a three miles long trail.