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Travel : Page 77

Places to go (23)
Places to go 23August 13, 2008 ET
A hopeful heart and an open mind are the best travelling companions, someone said. This week meet beautiful Upolu island, extraordinary private Frégate Island and less known country Mongolia.
Places to go (22)
Places to go MexicoAugust 6, 2008 ET
The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. - Samuel Johnson, English writer
Places to go (21)
Places to goJuly 30, 2008 ET
This week we you lead to Sri Lanka, the home of elephants, and to Bhutan, the youngest democratic country in the world. But, for the start meet Goa, the Perl of the Orient.
Places to go (20)
Places to go 20July 23, 2008 ET
Put on your red shoes, tap your heels together three times, and you will find yourself in California, Sydney and Beijing.
Zadar - Town that greets the Sun
Zadar CroatiaJuly 16, 2008 ET
Situated in the middle of the Adriatic sea and surrounded by five Croatian national parks lies the town of Zadar.
Places to go (19)
Place to go 19July 9, 2008 ET
Roman philosopher Seneca once said that good speech must develop like making love, which means easy beginning, fiducially progression and culmination at the end. All together, as in bed, should not last for more than 2-3 minutes.(??)
Places to go (18)
Placest to go 18July 2, 2008 ET
If you don't like warm weather visit Paris of Latin America, if you do there's the Valley of Kings, and for the lovers of the ancient civilizations Chichen Itza is the place to go.
Places to go (17)
Places to go 17June 25, 2008 ET
Temperature rises day by day and what is better than to try to find same refreshing place. We found same nice water spots that you will like.
Places to go (16)
Place to go 16June 18, 2008 ET
In British Columbia you may enjoy in heated tents and kayaking, in Central Java you will be welcomed with shower of roses, while Kasbah Tamadot is more romantic than Casablanca. Pick your destination.
Places to go (15)
Places to goJune 11, 2008 ET
Reveal what activity you can't present as a team building, who's houses are used as the advertisement for a margarine, and which town keeps the treasure of the erotic fantasy.
Building master pieces II
master pieces twoJune 4, 2008 ET
Is an amphitheatre place where gladiators fight with wild animals and each other or a place of song and fairy dances, and it is worth to spend a half of the national income to build a church? All that in this week's issue.
Places to go (14)
Places to go 14May 28, 2008 ET
If you have never been to Cuba join to us in this week’s travel. We’ve been there and found a few interesting facts. But, for the start come with us in Australia and find - your future.
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