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Minute Suites announces four new locations in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

Staff Writer | November 2, 2018
Minute Suites, which provides private suites inside security at airports where travelers can nap, relax or work before their flight or during long delays, is opening four new locations in the Atlanta airport.
Minute Suites
America   Advanced booking is recommended
Two of these are opening on Concourses T and B as part of the brand new Traveler’s Oasis concept, which includes Minute Suites, Be Relax Spa and Chiroport to offer travelers a variety of relaxation and self-care options. The oasis locations are expected to open in 2019.

Minute Suites already has sleep units on Concourses T and B and has been awarded two additional locations also opening in 2019. Sixteen suites and two showers will open on Concourse E and six suites and one shower will open on Concourse F.

With the opening of the new locations in 2019, the Atlanta Airport will have a total of 42 suites and six showers across six locations in Concourses B, E, F and T. This allows travelers to reach a napping zone within 5 minutes from anywhere in the airport

In addition to the Atlanta operations, Minute Suites currently has locations in Dallas, Philadelphia and Charlotte and has locations planned at several new airports that will be officially announced in the coming months.

Suites can be booked for a one-hour minimum followed by 15-minute increments; an eight-hour day rate or flat overnight rate is also available. Showers are booked separately in 30-minute increments with special pricing for guests renting a suite in addition to a shower.

Advanced booking is recommended when possible and reservations can be made more easily than ever with the brand new Minute Suites Mobile app, available for download on Android and iOS.