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Lions and tigers in Texas! You bet Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge has them all!

Christian Fernsby ▼ | November 7, 2019
Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, Tx. is an international home to over 40 rescued big cats.
America   Walk along the paths and enjoy being surrounded by nature
Currently home to more than 40 of the magnificent creatures, come out and spend a day here learning about the species and how to ensure their continued survival.

Walk along the paths and enjoy being surrounded by nature as you see these cats up close and personal. The tour guides will take you around to educate you on the animals and each cat’s individual journey to this refuge.

An education and fun experience for all ages, Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge will inspire you to contribute more to animal conservation.

Housed behind two layers of fence, for their safety as well as visitors, the cats are easily seen and enjoyed.

When they’re feeling especially playful, they can put on a show more entertaining than anything on television! Guided tours are available.

Sporting a few famous felines such as one of Michael Jackson’s original tigers, this refuge is well worth a stop for any cat and animal lover.

Where: Tyler, Tx.
When: Every day 10AM–5PM