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Lincoln, a fragrant rose of Lincolnshire county

Wilson Jone ▼ | April 1, 2017
Some says the city on the River Witham is stuck in time. And in a way it is, indeed. Lincoln mixes an old spirit and new habits and it's mixing them in an unique way you won't see in many other places. By 1150, Lincoln was among the wealthiest towns in England.
In the east of England   Uncovering hidden treasures of Lincoln
LincolnFounded around AD50, Lincoln was just a border town for the Roman Empire but for England, Lincoln is a very important historic city. Thanks to Lincoln company William Foster & Co. and its engineers who invented and built the tank and produced a vast array of war goods, World War I was cut short and most probably saved millions of lives. Today Lincoln is best known for its beautifully preserved historic buildings, attractive parks, picturesque landscapes and stunning gardens.

Lincoln CastleBut before anything else, it is famous for Lincoln Cathedral and its two major rose windows - one of the best examples of Gothic architecture impressive inside out for the length and size - situated right on the square that hosts Lincoln Castle on the other side built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Today the Cathedral Quarter hosts all kinds of events from dance and music to stand up comedy and concerts all year round, if you like entertainment, you will find it here.

Wall WalkIndeed, a visit to its uphill area without spending some time around the Lincoln Castle is a sin. And it's clear that people here love their roots: Lincoln Castle still functions as a court, which means it serves the same function for more than 900 years. And you may spend days uncovering Lincoln's hidden treasures, before you take the medieval Wall Walk with spectacular views, and then finish your history tour in the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault that is housing the world-famous medieval document Magna Carta.

Steep HillThe medieval centre is full of the 14th and 15th century buildings and Tudor houses and Heritage Trail links many of the attractions in the city centre. After that, go and conquer the Steep Hill - there is a reason for that name, trust us - and you will be rewarded with numerous shops, vintage stores, and tea rooms. At the end of the day you may take a bus to take you back to town after exhausting walk around with your eyes wide open.

High Bridge Stokes CafeBut, Lincoln is much more than just a historical remains thousands of years old. Well, to be honest, there is much more but everything is history-related in some way. Lincolnshire’s archaeology museum and the Usher Gallery with a diverse art collection is museum art at its finest. While there, Stokes Café is a natural choice to enjoy the finest food of Lincoln with homemade chicken nuggets as an absolute hit.

StonebowHigh Bridge, the oldest bridge in England - with houses on it and a small arch - sets a limit on the size of boats which can successfully navigate the Witham river. And Stonebow, a magnificent Tudor Gothic archway is another beauty to look at. Back then both kings and prisoners have walked there. It was part of the city's southern gate and the city council still meets there and it is summoned to its meeting by the bell dating from the 14th century.

Brayford WaterfrontWhile you can see horses around the castle, lower town lives in contrast to more older parts of the town. Although it is full of important buildings here you will feel more modern times. And if you come down to the Brayford Waterfront you will find yourself among hotels and restaurants built where the old warehouses once were. England's oldest inland Harbour offers a magnificent selection of eating, drinking and entertainment, and it is the perfect place to relax overlooking the water after a hard day's walking around.

High Street shoppingIn such a small city you will find more than 300 shops and restaurants to fulfill your heart's desire. If you are into shopping, the High Street in the Lincoln's center is your destination. In Lincoln's Cathedral quarter you will find a variety of vintage shops, while Lincolnshire Antiques & Home Show is one of the largest antique events in Europe where you can spend hours wandering until you find a perfect present for your loved one or you to remind you of this beautiful trip.