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Kalavantin Durg: One of the top destinations for trekking near Mumbai

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | January 20, 2020
Some treks are easy, some are hard, and some are plain scary. But, with some caution you may enjoy one of the most spectacular views on Earth: Kalavantin Durg, famed as the 'Climb to heaven.'
Kalavantin Durg
India   The trails along the hill are of steps with no railings on side
In India, near Mumbai, a fortress was built in honor of Queen Kalavantin. To give it a special meaning, the fortress rests on a 701 meters tall mountain, wide enough to hold the castle and narrow enough to be the goal for the braves trekkers around.

Your journey that will last for more than three hours starts in the village of Thakurwadi and it starts easy: a nice walk through lush green slopes and unexploited nature. A river along the way will make the experience complete. That easy part will take about an hour or so.

The trek has tea and snack stalls and breakfast point on the plateau of Prabalmachi. There you can relax, fill your water bottle, enjoy the nature, take some photos, and most import prepare for the rest of the trip.

And then the fun begin.

The trail gets steeper and from now on, you should watch every step and you will be clinging on the rocks and roots of trees along the way. As you go higher and higher, undulating terrain, rocky patches and waterfalls gushing down the steps will make your journey even more challenging.

But when you reach the top, you will see the beauty. From undulating terrain, rocky patches and waterfalls gushing down the steps you will see the nature of Western Ghats, Prabalgad, Peb, Irshalgad and Chanderi Forts as well as panoramic vistas of Matheran and Mumbai.

This is the view you can usually enjoy just in a helicopter so take your time and enjoy it.

And when you thought that was it, there is another challenge for you: a road down.

While going down, you will follow the narrow trail to Prabalgad Fort, another spot you must see and that will take just over an hour or so to reach. When you reach it, and see the view from it, you can literally spend hours enjoying the view.

Another trek, another track. This time from the Prabalgad Fort to Thakurwadi a track through the forest with its unspoiled nature and small cascading streams is an easy one and it completes your journey in a most beautiful way.

Trekking to Kalavantin Durg is possible throughout the year, the best time is between October and May, and it is advisable to avoid monsoon season.