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For all flower lovers Amsterdam is place to be in January

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | January 10, 2020
Every year, Dutch tulip growers build a huge tulip picking garden on Dam Square in Amsterdam turning it into a sea of gorgeous colors.
National Tulip Day
The Netherlands   The third Saturday of January marks the start of the cut tulip season
When back in the 17th century Tulip Mania was on its heights, tulips were traded at the Dutch family Von Bourse and they were more valuable than the money itself. That went down the drain when everybody became too greedy but bourse (stock exchange) and its principles live even today.

The Netherlands is the perfect country for tulip growing and they even have their National Tulip Day.

The Dutch tulip growers, united in the Tulip Promotion Netherlands (TPN) organize the National Tulip Day during which you can pick up to 20 tulips and take them with you for free.

Every year a real Tulip pick garden is organized in the middle of Amsterdam, right on the Dam where more than 15,000 fans visit the unique garden, to pick their own bunch of tulips.

The third Saturday of January marks the start of the cut tulip season and if you are in or near Amsterdam take your biodegradable tulip bag at the entrance to the tulip picking garden and join the event.

You will have to wait in line a bit, for up to one hour, because everyone wants their tulips collection to be picked but while you wait you can enjoy the atmosphere and music, and you can take a look at the picking garden.

The tulip picking garden opens to the public on January 18, 2020, at 1pm and closes once all the tulips have been picked. So, don’t wait too long to join the queue.