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Far from land, far from thunders

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Sir Douglas Hawthorne |
PoseidonIn the depth of the sea there's Poseidon's palace where he keeps his horses when he doesn't rides chariots across the seas. Visit Sithonia in Greece, Madeira Island, and Easter Island, the most isolated place on Earth.

Sithonia, Greece
There's a legend how Chalkidiki came to be. It includes god Poseidon, his trident and giants who wanted to conquer Olympia. To defend Olympia Poseidon threw his trident towards giants. His trident stickled to the Aegean Sea and its three dents create three smaller peninsula: Kassandra, Sithonia and Agio Oros. Glorious beaches, olive plantations, amazing architecture, archaeological findings and fine wine - after tasting it you speak Greek fluently - all that describes Sithonia, a peninsula situated in the middle of Chalkidiki.

View from Danai Beach Nikiti GreeceSettle yourself in The Danai Beach Resort & Villas, one of the best Chalkidiki luxury hotels situated in Nikiti, one of Sithonia most significant areas. Wonderful piny beaches will bound you for Nikiti for a while but when an explorer inside you express a wish for walking and meeting people take him to a sightseeing and visit Sithonia villages, each unique and picturesque on a charming Greek's way. But, still there's one thing that connects them all: food and wine.

So, there are actually two things (obviously) but after you taste all the magnificent Greek dishes and notice the structure on the bottom of a bottle, math and calculating will be the least of your problems. Save some of your strength for the next day and visit Vatopedi monastery on the Mount Athos, buildings built during the Byzantine period and during the 18th and 19th centuries when the monastery reached its highest peak.

Easter Island, Chile
Located more than 3600 kilometres from Chile, Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on Earth. The oldest known name of the island is Te Pito o Te Henua, The Center of the World; in the 1860’s Tahitian sailors gave the island the name Rapa Nui, and the island received its current name, Easter Island in 1722. Easter Island is a place to get away from all technology and to enjoy in an active vacation.

Anakena beach Easter IslandBesides the moai, the stone monoliths along the coastline which you can't avoid, there are many activities you can enjoy. If you enjoy in water sports then two white sand beaches are the places to go. On the north side there is Anakena, perfect place for surfing. The second beach is a hidden gem on the southern shore of the island near Ahu Vaihu. It is much larger than that at Anakena and is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs.

If you like underwater activities like scuba diving then go to islets Motu Nui and Motu Iti located about one kilometres south of the island. Particularly fascinating but often forgotten attraction is the systems of caves. There are several "official" caves, but there is also real adventure to explore the numerous unofficial caves, most of which are found near Ana Kakenga. The caves are place to go with the guide and no-no without one because some of those places can be very dangerous if you don't where you are going. If you are into more peaceful activity then visit Rano Kau, a beautiful National Park.

Funchal, Madeira Island
Madeira Island is a magnificent flower garden located in the middle of Atlantic ocean famed for its elevated sea cliffs of which is the most famous Cabo Gira, one of the Europe's highest cliffs and a starting point for a passionate hikers. Regardless of the side from which you approach Madeira by sea or air, the island will immediately capture you heart. It's green and breathtaking, glorious and colourful; it's one giant picture book which you will read skipping pages and waiting to see what's next.

Funchal Madeira gardenVisit Mercado dos Lavradores, the market in Funchal, the capital of Madeira Island, early in the morning when everything smells so beautiful on flowers and fruits and sit in a nearest cafe to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy in view of the town that greats the sun. If you are impatient reader take a 45 minutes helicopter flight to meet the island, or explore it by foot, corner by corner like a passionate anthropologist hungry for a new discovery.

Visit Se Cathedral, a structure built in mix of styles, the Madeira Story Centre, spectacular interactive museum where you will find a wealth of history information. Experience the view from Pico Ruivo, the highest peak of the Madeira Islands, see enchanting gardens rich with orchids, flamingo flowers, birds of paradise, taste a wine or took 15 minutes fly trip to Porto Santo island and let to golden-yellow sand seeps through your fingers. Far from land, far from thunders. Life is beautiful.

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