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Events in September 2010

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | August 31, 2010
This month enjoy International Air Fest in Brno in Czech Republic, see live chess game in Marostica, Italy, join top world golfers at the Austrian Golf Open in Vienna and see what Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, has to offer.
International Air Fest Brno
International Air Fest BrnoThis month enjoy International Air Fest in Brno in Czech Republic, see live chess game in Marostica, Italy, join top world golfers at the Austrian Golf Open in Vienna and see what Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, has to offer.

Brno, Czech Republic
September 4 - 5, 2010

International Air Fest BrnoEvery young boy looks to the sky dreaming to be a pilot. If your life took another direction you can still feel the same excitement enjoying the sky adventures by the best military pilots in the world. Hradec Kralove Airport, near the city of Brno, is the host of the Czech International Air Fest, the annual gathering of the best crews from all around the world. From September 4th to 5th, that city in southeast Czech Republic will be the home for thousands of airplane aficionados who will enjoy in unbelievable brave sky manoeuvres.

International Air Fest BrnoThe host, Czech air forces, invited the best fighter pilots from Europe, Middle East, Russia and USA to show what the Top Gun action really means. During the festival's days the international Brno airfield is turned into a military flight centre, but civilian aviators have their place too. Hradec Kralove Airport has been chosen with a reason: that is the place where Czech aviation was born. So, visit that historical place and let attractive flyovers, spinnings, rollings, loopings and chandelles bring you back to the childhood.

Marostica, Italy
September 10 - 12, 2010

Live chess MarosticaAfter the adrenaline high in the sky, let's take a slower and more romantic approach. In the city of Marostica in northern Italy, back in 1454, two knights loved the same woman, the beautiful daughter of the local lord who ordered them to play chess instead of fighting with swords. The live chess game, played every other year in front of 4,000 spectators in the central square Piazza Scacchi, is the reconstructions of various historical knight championships.

Live chess MarosticaFrom September 10th to 12th you can go back to the time of knights, charming ladies, jugglers, fire eaters, and clowns watching the show that survived centuries. Large pink and white marble stones on the city square form the chess board on which knights will fight for lady's heart and your smile. The orders to human chess figures are given in the dialect used in the ancient Italy centuries ago. Some 550 actors recreate the old story for two hours and after that you can enjoy precious costumes at the exhibition held in the castle.

Vienna, Austria
September 16 - 19, 2010

Austrian Golf OpenOne week after knights gathering in Italy, top world golfers will gather in Austria to fight for the title at the Austrian Golf Open. This year, the 20th edition of the Austrian Golf Open, with the prize fund of 750,000 Euros, will be played at the Diamond Country Club in Atzenbrugg near the Austrian capital Vienna. This event is the only golf tournament in Austria on the European Tour and top golfers won't have an easy job: the course is very challenging, with the length of more than 6650 meters, and many water hazards.

Austrian Golf OpenThe Austrian Golf Open is one stop in the Race to Dubai, the main golf competition in which top world players compete at 47 tournaments with a spectacular culmination at Jumeirah Golf Estates in November this year and the Diamond Country Club is a very admired stop in that exciting race. The course was designed by Jeremy Pern, the man who designed golf courses around the world for the biggest tournament. Last year's contest was one of the most exciting on the Tour, so be sure to book your flight to Vienna.

Cleveland, Oh., USA
September 24 - 26, 2010

Ingenuity FestivalWhile in Europe knights and golfers rules, across the Atlantic it's time for creativity, art and technology. The annual Ingenuity Festival will be held from September 24th to 26th at several locations near downtown Cleveland's Playhouse Square with the goal of connecting technology with art through many free creative and funny events. Events range from innovative music performances and sculpture exhibitions of recycled industrial materials to high-tech pavilions of the future and exciting hands-on children's science activities.

Ingenuity FestivalFor three days Cleveland and its guests will live following the motto: New, Creative, Exciting. High technology companies, major colleges, and universities will be presented hand in hand with well-known artists, creating a unique festival in the world. No matter are you in love with rap music or you prefer a philosophical discussion about pure art, you will find something just for you. The festival is created for all ages, and judging by previous years, a lot of fun and good time is guaranteed. If you are in Ohio in September, the weekend in Cleveland is place not to be missed.