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Events in December 2010

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Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | November 30, 2010
December is the month of festivals, fun and joy. So, joins us on our travel to Italy to see wonderful snow sculptures and golf on the bridge, then we'll jump to Russia to enjoy fantastic ballet and music, and we'll end this journey with a lot of fun in unusual Christmas in England.
Livigno Art in Ice
Livigno Art in IceDecember is the month of festivals, fun and joy. So, joins us on our travel to Italy to see wonderful snow sculptures and golf on the bridge, then we'll jump to Russia to enjoy fantastic ballet and music, and we'll end this journey with a lot of fun in unusual Christmas in England.

Livigno, Italy
December 3 - 7, 2010

Livigno Art in IceWhat's more spectacular than ice in the Alps? Sculpture in ice! That's why Livigno, a town situated in the Italian Alps, is the host of the annual international Art in Ice competition. Ten teams of artists, previously selected based on their ideas, gather to to transform three metre blocks of pressed snow into true pieces of art. Photos from previous competition show that those beautiful works range from down-to-earth to abstract art that will stay alive, if weather permits, until March next year.

Livigno Art in IceWhile it's already hard enought to make something nice in the snow block, Livigno put another demand on artists: they are not allowed to use any electric devices, they must use only manual tools to bring their imagination to life. The sculptures along the main roads of Livigno will be alive in a way: they will change the shape when the spring sun begin to melt them and create something totally unexpected. Art in Ice is a living proof that snow is not good just for making snowballs and that skiing and drinking warm wine is not the only thing you can do in Alps.

St. Petersburg
December 14 - 24, 2010

St. Petersburg International Winter Festival Arts SquareWell, if Italians know what the snow looks like, Russians certainly know what harsh "Russian winter" means. However, that doesn't stops them to enjoy in art in those cold December nights. For the last 12 years St. Petersburg is the host of International Winter Festival Arts Square, the international celebration of music, ballet and museum exhibitions. The artistic director of the festival, Russian conductor Yuri Temirkanov, chose the best artists for this year's winter festival, and they come from all around the world.

St. Petersburg International Winter Festival Arts SquareOne of the highlights of the festival will be the performance of Temirkanov's St. Petersburg Philharmonic orchestra, one of the best orchestras in the world. This year's event is dedicated to the friendship of Russia and France, so the special guests will come to St. Petersburg to present the best that French art can offer. If you not much into classical music, you can take a look at the Heroes and Villains of Russian History, one of the exhibition at the State Russian Museum. But with fantastic performance every day, it's hard not being involved in drama, dance and wonderful sounds of fantastic classic pieces.

Florence, Italy
December 17 - 19, 2010

Florence Ponte Vecchio ChallengeThere are many golfing events around the world, but there's nothing like the Ponte Vecchio Challenge. Twelve players, representing twelve countries, will remind us on the ancient days of kings and knights, fighting for the crown of the King of the approach. But this is not an ordinary tournament: they will be teeing off from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge toward three floating greens in the Arno river! The greens are positioned at various distances from the bridge, and each reflects its degree of difficulty: from the closest worth two points, to the furthest worth seven points.

Florence Ponte Vecchio ChallengeA most unusual way of playing is the reason why Ponte Vecchio Challenge is marked in calendars and this year 500 guests will also have a chance to play along the professional golfers. But, as the people of Florence like to say: "It's a bit of golf and a lot of Italian way of life", don't think that playing is the main reason to be here. There will be a great catering service with Italian delicious food and great wine in which you can enjoy following the competition on huge TV screens around the city. Don't tell us it's not tempting.

London, United Kingdom
December 6, 2010 - January 6, 2011

Carnaby Christmas LightsThe end of the year is a traditionally the time for various Christmas events all around the globe. But if you want something different that fairs and cookies, Christmas lights, decorated houses and usual music, London is the place for this month. It is the place of unusual Christmas events you probably never experienced. The first thing can't miss are four meters wide inflatable globes, stars, sputniks and life size "astro Santas" wearing space suits above Carnaby street. This "space Christmas" is just an intro into a series of funny and joyful events around London.

London ChristmasDan and Jeff will show you their vision of pantomime that mixes seven traditional stories into one hilarious show, but keeping all key details of every story. In their 12-minutes show you'll see hundreds of pages of fairytales packed in a box full of laugh. If you want something slower you can be a real Zoo keeper for a day and do what other keepers do (please, just don't hug the lion). For more fun and dancing you can join numerous concerts around the town and from time to time eat something hot on a street stand. Along with many other funny events, December in London is the perfect way to end this and enter the new year with joy and laugh.