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Egypt opens 2 ancient tombs for visitors in Luxor after restoration

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Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | September 11, 2019
The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced the opening of two ancient Egyptian tombs for visitors after their restoration on the Nile River's west bank of Upper Egypt's monument-rich province of Luxor.
Theban Tomb 286
Egypt   Located on a hill at Draa Abu el-Naga necropolis
Located on a hill at Draa Abu el-Naga necropolis, the two adjacent tombs date back to the 19th and 20th Dynasties of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt, some 3,500 years ago.

The project, which took about three years, was carried out by a joint mission from the ministry's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and the American Research Center in Egypt.

The first tomb, Theban Tomb 159, of the 19th Dynasty belonged to Raya, the fourth prophet of ancient Egyptian god Amun and his wife Mutemwia, while the 20th Dynasty's Theban Tomb 286 belonged to Niay, the "Scribe of the Table" of offerings to ancient gods.

The cave-like tombs have Pharaonic drawings and engravings on the walls and the ceilings, with some missing parts due to erosion, but the work that has been done, such as the installation of wooden floors and the treatment of damaged parts of the walls, is expected to preserve them against any future damage.

Navigational infrastructure was also built in the site including a long stairway and pathway leading to the tombs on the hill.