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Discover breathtaking hand-carved caves beneath the New Mexico desert

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | August 15, 2019
New Mexico is home to many incredible landscapes. But underground New Mexico holds the most beautiful works of art - made by a single man.
Ra Paulette cave art
New Mexico   Works of art
Since the 1990’s New Mexico artist Ra Paulette has been hand carving caves creating intricate underground wonderlands in the New Mexico wilderness.

He finds natural caves in the wilderness and spends a tremendous amount of time carefully digging into them, carving, and chiseling incredible works of art and scenic worlds underground.

He has turned more than a dozen desert caves into fantastical and mesmerizing settings with profound spiritual effects.

They are all different, and some allow for sunlight to enter through skylights and doors. Others include spaces for candles and beautiful benches. They all include incredible arches and sculptures, including almost natural looking designs, flowers, suns, and abstract creations.

All of his masterpieces are located north of Santa Fe.

His first completed project from 1996 is called ‘Windows of the Earth’ and can be viewed on a guided tour through Origin New Mexico. The tour requires a reservation to get into the gated community and it includes a catered meal.