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Building master pieces V

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | March 10, 2009
Who can tell when is the time for a fresh new beginning? In the time when winds of war started to blow, one man decided to confront one more thing - a legend. Welcome to Croatia.
Building master pieces V
Building master pieces VWho can tell when is the time for a fresh new beginning? In the time when winds of war started to blow, one man decided to confront one more thing - a legend. Welcome to Croatia.

Only 30 minutes drive from capital city Zagreb, Croatia, situated in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje in romantically named village Valentinovo, lays Castle Bezanec, the most exclusive Croatian castle.

Castle Bezanec is built in 17th century by earls Keglevic. As the centauries passed by the castle changed its owners and in 1842 it got a brand new owner one and a legend, too.

Building master pieces VThat year the castle was bought by baroness and baron Ottenfels-Geschwind. The legend says that Baroness Josipa Ottenfels was very stubborn person and all members of the family had to obey her. One day, when she was coming back home from Constantinople, one gipsy girl cursed baroness with words: "You will live as long as the castle is under construction. When you finish the castle and remove scaffolds, it will be the end of your life, too."

Those words frightened the baroness a lot and during the next few decades the castle was constantly repaired and renovated. In 1885 baroness Ottenfels finally decided that the castle is finished. Workers removed scaffolds and baroness ordered the new furniture and carpets from Constantinople. When boxes with things arrived, there was no baroness to open it any more.

Building master pieces VAfter the Second World War, Castle Bezanec became a garbage dump and its exotic park became The Sleeping Beauty set, mostly thanks to injustice decisions of that time authorities. When the castle's roof felt down under the weight of oldness, one man with a vision decided to rebuilt it. On the Christmas Eve 1990, only one year after that and in the time when Croatia started to live in the time that was not bright and happy, Castle Bezanec opened its doors. "It was fasting day, easier to treat people", smiled the owner. Now you tell when the time for a fresh new beginning is.

Today, Castle Bezanec is the most exclusive Croatian castle surrounded by many smaller castles and spas. It is the host of business and protocol meetings, fashion shows, weddings, a perfect place for team building or just the place to go to spend a day of few, and to enjoy in breathless nature and tasty food. You can also ride a horse, search for mushrooms, fly a hot air powered balloon or run under medical supervision.

Building master pieces VThe castle also has one most beautiful and kind female ghost, say people who saw her "with their own eyes", a ghost who testify to the wedding vows and do happy miracle magic spells on wedding couples.

Part of the castle's west wall is still under scaffolds. The owner decided that there's no chance to play with the legend and because of that citizens call Castle Bezanec the castle where everybody lives forever. Legends are legends, you cannot ever be sure how much truthful they are. But it is good to repeat them from time to time to remember that we are also capable of creating some new legends, too. Because, you know, when life closes the door for us it always left some windows open. Not to jump out, like some would think, but to find a new way out.