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Borély Park, Marseille, an oasis of natural beauty

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Christian Fernsby |
Borély Park
Europe   With two playgrounds, this park is ideal for families as well

The Borély Park in Marseille is an excellent destination if you want to relax after a hard working day or after strolling around Marseille.

Within the Borély Park in Marseille lies an 18th century manor house, with a French style garden and a 19th century landscaped garden.

The French-style garden has its own trademark of sorts, a distinct style attributed to landscape architect Embry (1775): the garden's symmetrical lines and large rectangular ponds were originally designed by Embry.

The fact that the Borély is home to both a park and a landscaped garden is what makes it so special.

Joggers or couples out for a stroll take pleasure in its wide avenues, stopping to relax or at the rose garden or in the exotic botanical gardens. With two playgrounds, this park is ideal for families as well.

In 1995 the 19th century waterfall was chosen as the backdrop for an outdoor sculpture project by Jean-Michel Folon, "The Man with the Birds", which you can see there today.

Plaques present the most remarkable trees in the park, and you can identify the birds on the lake using similar information panels.

When: Open now
Where: Avenue du Prado, 13008, Marseille

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