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Athabasca Falls, a picturesque waterfall known for its force

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | August 18, 2020
The Icefields Parkway has a reputation for being one of the world’s most beautiful drives.
Athabasca Falls
Alberta, Canada   Jasper National Park
That extreme landscape offers jaw-dropping scenery, numerous hiking and walking opportunities, lakes to be seen, must stop view-point pullouts and great waterfalls.

Located near Jasper, Alberta, Canada, the 23 metre Athabasca Falls is not very high by Canadian Rockies standards. But when all of the water from the wide Athabasca River starts funneling through only a three meter opening at the edge of the falls, it creates an enormous pressure and powerful class 5 waterfall, one of the most powerful falls to be found in the mountain national parks.

Recognized for its historical, natural and recreational values, the Athabasca was designated a Canadian heritage river in 1989.

The Athabasca Falls itself wasn’t particularly mindblowing, but the sheer power of the Caribbean-like blue water in the midst of a beautiful, pine-filled forest and a pretty mountain backdrop, is just mindblowing and makes a Canadian Rockies road trip incomplete without visiting the falls.

The Athabasca Falls offers a number of postcard perfect views. In winter, the falls often freeze. The falls can be safely viewed and photographed from various viewing platforms and walking trails around the falls.

Buy the Canada Parks pass in order to get to Jasper National Park. Anyone traveling the Icefields Parkway also must purchase a park pass.