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Aruba's blue seas, home of life rich The Ghost Ship shipwreck

Nalynn Dolan Caine ▼ | August 11, 2020
Aruba is known for its Azure blue seas, bright white sands, and a consistently warm and sunny climate. It is also known for its wrecks.
Aruba   Aruba has over ten wrecks
Most Caribbean islands have one or two diveable wrecks, Aruba has over ten. The third largest wreck of the entire Caribbean, the German freighter Antilla, lies on its port side in Malmok Bay.

SS Antilla was a Hamburg America Line (HAPAG) cargo ship built for trade between Germany and the Caribbean and it was launched in 1939 and scuttled in 1940.

Just over a year later she was moored up on the western side of Aruba when on the 10th of May 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands so the Dutch government ordered the seizure of all German ships in the Dutch Antilles.

Aruba being a Dutch colony, the Dutch marines on the island went up to Antilla during the night and demanded her surrender. During the course of the night the captain ordered his crew to set the ship ablaze and open the valves, letting seawater into the lower decks.

Today Antilla lies on her port side from 5m under the surface to 17m at her propeller. By 1953 storm damage had broken the wreck in two amidships.

Aruban locals call her “The Ghost Ship”, although all sailors were arrested when they jumped off the sinking ship and nobody died. Antilla is 400 ft long, making it one of the biggest wrecks in the Caribbean.

Large windows on the wreck allow an easy view of the inside. Antilla is a favorite wreck among underwater photographers.