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Ancon Hill, a jungle in an urban Panama area

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 7, 2020
Ancon Hill has a dry tropical forest, in the middle of a Panama urban area, where species of flora and fauna coexist, to name a few here you will find sloths, armadillos, coatis, toucans and deer.
Ancon Hill
Panama   Three viewpoints to various points of the city
Ancon Hill has two accesses, one for the Mi Pueblito Tourist Center, located in the avenue of the martyrs and the other entering through the administration building of the Panama Canal.

It is common to see people making hikes and visitors admiring the nature of the area. It offers three viewpoints to various points of the city.

Ancon Hill was one of the first military bases of the American government that reverted to the Republic of Panama on October 1, 1979, when the Torrijos-Carter treaties came into force.

For most of the 20th century until 1977, the United States was in possession of Ancon Hill. Because of this long period of non-growth, Ancon Hill has remained a jungle in the midst of a city of 1.2 million people.

When the Panamanians got their land back through the Panama Canal Treaty in 1977, they hoisted a Panamanian flag over the hill. The flag is now visible from almost everywhere in Panama City.

Along with jungle creatures, the hill offers stunning views over the city and the Bridge of the Americas.