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The relationship between organisation, consistency and momentum in your business

Dina Marais ▼ | December 31, 2018
It is a fact that consistency creates momentum and if I apply the concept to building a business, it means being consistent in your business, especially in your communication to your audience about your business.
Visibility   The more visible you are, the more your credibility and positioning strengthens
This comes down to visibility of course. The more visible you are, the more your credibility and positioning strengthens. We all are inundated with information and great ideas from experts and everybody is competing for attention, for lack of a better word (I don’t believe in competition).

The thing is that you could be the best thing since sliced bread for your audience, but if you are not consistent in your visibility and therefore your communication, you will struggle to build momentum. Out of sight, out of mind…

You want to create momentum in driving traffic to your website and have people sign up. You want momentum in your list opening up your emails and replying to you. You want momentum in people following you on social media and commenting on your posts. So, you want momentum in engagement between your audience and you.

Having momentum in your business brings about opportunities, successful program launches, clients wanting to work with you. Momentum is rocket-fuel to accelerate your business success.

Let’s first look at what stops or derails consistency in your communication.

Not knowing what to communicate – what to write about, talk about, quote about, question about.

Here two things are at play. Not having a marketing or communication plan due to the lack of clarity. The lack of clarity in terms of what your vision is, what you are promoting, how you educate your audience about their problems and your expertise.

Not having a proper plan to know what you are doing when in your business.

Not having an idea generator process to help you come up with topics that you can use to create and provide valuable content to your tribe.

Not planning time for your regular business activities to ensure consistency.

Before I started applying this best practice, when I was in creative mode, creating a new program or project, I would completely forget to communicate to my audience – not posting on social media and not sending emails to my list.

Often weeks went by where I neglected my audience until I was ready and in promotion mode and then drowning them with communication. This stop-start way of communicating killed any momentum I was intending to build.

The reason this happened and I must confess, sometimes still happens, is because I was not planning time for my regular business activities.

In my daily action plan, I only had time planned to spend on the new creation and once I got into that, I totally forgot about the rest.

Here are tips and strategies to create consistency that would build momentum.

You need a proper plan of all the happenings in your business over the next year. I prefer a calendar so that I have a big picture of my business year at a glance.

On this calendar you plot all your business activities including your regular business activities, for example writing blogs, recording your podcast, creating and posting images with quotes, questions, tips, etc.

Based on the happenings in your business and the topics or themes of these business activities, create a marketing calendar that you fill from your idea bank generator process.

A valuable tip is to create folders on your computer for these themes and as you come across ideas, to save them accordingly. In this way you continuously create more ideas to share with your audience.

Think of your plan as your big picture that you can expand into more detail for ideas to share that will result in consistency, effective visibility and growing momentum.

Consistency requires proper planning of your ideas and time to spend creating your communication of these ideas.

Proper Planning requires you to, based on your vision, list and plot everything that happens in your business over the next 12 months on your calendar and to plan space for your regular activities. This will ensure that you can plan your communication ahead.

Planning means BEING Organized, that is a Way-of-Being and it includes experiencing the mind-body states of focus, confidence, relaxation, creativity, openness and self-awareness as bonus side-effects, allowing you to align with the Law of Attraction and accelerate your business results.

BIOGRAPHY Dina Marais is a Business & Life Coach and Mentor and works with service-based entrepreneurs to create their Prosperous Soul-Purpose Business that they love, living the lifestyle they desire.

Ms. Marais has been involved in coaching and business for more than 14 years. She holds the qualifications of Master NLP Practitioner, Meta-Coach, PNI Practitioner. She is a Certified NLP & Neuro-Semantics Trainer and she has a Diploma in Self-Actualization Psychology.

Ms. Marais is a co-author with 19 other women world wide sharing their love journeys of trauma and triumph in the #1 International Best Seller Love Unboxed by Placida Acheru.

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