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You need to accept the importance of good leadership and its impact on business success

Jas Darar |
Leadership involves a dynamic mix of behaviors, mindset, and skills, which are used to motivate people where a leader wants them to be for the furtherance of an organisation.
Smartphones in classroom
Despite heated debate, ban on cellphones in Canada is good step
Surjit Singh Flora |
Decision making
Social media marketing
Is social media marketing worth what it’s costing you?
Sue Painter |

IntentIs 'intent' the missing component in your success formula?
Kevin Gazzara |
Justin TrudeauWho is the real gambler in Canada: PM Trudeau or Raj Grewal?
Surjit Singh Flora |
Digital technology in Africa
Digital technology is so present in our lives that we tend to become overexcited with it, claiming that it will solve any problem the human kind is experiencing. No wonder that everybody is calling Africa to embrace digital technology to improve its agriculture greatly.
Building a personal brand
Let’s first clarify that building a personal brand is not easy. But there are some things that hold many people back from building their brands. If we look at those items, it will help make your personal brand building easier.

AirlinesAre the airlines profiting from your family?
Chuck Gallagher |
Agricultural subsidiesAgricultural subsidies: Paying twice for your food
Jeff Butcher |
Keep flippingPersistence
Jonathan Hood |

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