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Venere, the first high-performance electric limousine by LVCHI

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Edward Green ▼ | March 8, 2018
LVCHI Auto has unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow, Venere, the first full-electric limousine ready to go into production in 2019 with amazing and certified performance.
LVCHI Venere
Supercar   The autonomy range is among the best in class
LVCHI VenereVenere has been tested by CSI and the results are astonishing: thanks to its over 1.000 hp, it launches from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 286 km/h. The autonomy range is among the best in class, with over 652 km with a single charge. Born in 2016 in Shanghai, LVCHI Auto sets to step in the EV market with the aim to become one of its main players. The project of Venere kicked-off in July 2017 together with I.DE.A. Institute, a historical Italian design firm operating on a worldwide level since 1978.

LVCHI VenereThe 5 meters long limousine is moved by 4 electric motors - 2 at the rear and 2 at the front - able to rev up to 13.000 rpm and generating 185 KW each with 1,540 Nm of torque. These, combined with a 100 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, allow great capabilities in terms of autonomy and performance. The electric powertrain consists of four electric motors, two installed on the front axle and two on the rear axle, combined with a differential per axle, so as to implement a permanent all-wheel drive. The differential housing also contains a two-speed transmission to optimize the distribution of torque and power.

LVCHI VenereThe interface with the driver and the passengers is provided by an innovative touchscreen unit built into the tunnel, which allows for the management of the car functions, replacing the traditional knob. It will allow the driver and the passengers to select all the functions desired. Finally, innovative aerodynamics solutions have been employed to reduce drag and ensure efficiency. It will be manufactured in Turin and marketed in 2019.

LVCHI VenereLVCHI Auto would like to develop Venere with the idea of disrupting the EV market with innovative solutions, yet to be seen on such vehicles. The chassis, for example, is made of a composite material, a sandwich of carbon fiber and honeycomb, to meet the torsional and bending stiffness needed by the high performance and the total weight. The underlying concept in terms of structure is the frame, the central element was made totally of composite material, carbon fiber sandwich and honeycomb design.

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