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To get Aston Martin Taraf you will need speed, luck, and money

Edward Green ▼ | March 24, 2015
Aston Martin enthusiasts may start collecting the money for the new Lagonda Taraf. With production limited to only 200 units, you'll need a touch of luck too to get your hands on this supercar.
Supercar   Aston Martin will build only 200 Tarafs
TarafThe first production Lagonda since 1990, the Taraf is a successor of the V-8-powered Aston Martin Lagonda and the most luxurious vehicle in the company's lineup as of 2015. The Taraf carries distinct Aston Martin design elements, including its signature front grille, and unique features of its own, such as the slim headlamps and taillights. Draped in high-grade leather, soft surfaces, and metal inserts, the interior blends Lagonda luxury with Aston's race spirit in a very nice package.

TarafThe magnificent handmade four-door super-sports saloon measuring 5,396.5mm long and riding on a 3,189mm wheelbase, gets the 5.9-litre V12 with around 550 hp and new eight-speed ZF automatic transaxle gearbox from the latest Aston Martin Rapide S. Yet despite being half a metre longer than the Rapide for the class-leading rear cabin, it weighs the same as its sibling for great performance. This luxury sedan will be modified to be available in left and right-hand drive specifications.

TarafThe interior shows lavish seats and clearly very luxurious trimmings, Quilted leather covers the seats, doors and roof lining, and rear passengers clearly have generous levels of legroom, as well as body-hugging seats. They also have an advanced infotainment and climate system, all surrounded by gorgeous aluminium trim. There's no doubt that Aston Martin used the best materials that can be found out there because that's the main thing when you are working on a limited edition.

The new Lagonda will employ cutting edge car design tech including carbon fibre bodywork and each one of them will be hand-built in the Gaydon factory.