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Red flowing passion

Edward Green ▼ | July 5, 2010
Renault presented ts latest concept car DeZir. It's an illustration of the brand's emotional styling with flowing lines and red passion.
Renault DeZir
Renault DeZirRenault presented ts latest concept car DeZir. It's an illustration of the brand's emotional styling with flowing lines and red passion.

Powered by an electric motor, DeZir is proof that electric vehicles and a love of cars are by no means incompatible. The DeZir project is the start of a sequence of concept cars that will provide an insight into Renault Design's new vision for the future.

Renault DeZirThis approach coincides with the introduction of a new Renault design language that takes the inspiration from the three keywords which communicate "simple", "sensuous" and "warm". Fluidity was an overriding theme from the initial preliminary sketches, and was expressed by a blend of simple forms and generous volumes. The early source of inspiration stemmed from the wave-like movement and contrasts in light associated with rippled surfaces. The result is a two-seater coupé which is both sculptural in spirit yet perfectly harmonious.

Renault DeZirThe 'Z' in the name DeZir is a direct reference to Renault's zero-emission Z.E. signature, and several features of its design are suggestive of two qualities readily associated with electric mobility: advanced technology and light weight. Indeed, the recessed, linear styling of the front air intake and the entire rear-end convey an impression of lightness in addition to efficiently channelling battery-cooling air from the front to the rear.

Renault DeZirTo provide rhythm and balance to the overall package, this smooth, fluid skin contrasts with the ripple effect seen on the aluminium side panels, roof and headlight 'eyelids'. The design of these features alludes to the ripples which can form when a breeze blows over water, while the geometric pattern adds an unmistakable high-tech feel. The prevailing bright red colour of the body interacts with the graphical forms of the cross-drilled aluminium side panels which equally exude a sense of light weight and technology.

Renault DeZirDeZir's shape features prominent wheel arches that accommodate 21-inch wheels, the design of which took its inspiration from the notion of movement. Meanwhile, the sides feature a combination of flush and recessed forms with contrasting light patterns. The gull-wing doors are another feature that embody automotive passion and reveal a refined interior, while the fact that the left- and right-hand doors open in opposite directions symbolises a ying and yang-style harmony.

Renault DeZirThe interior design also suggests lightness. The forms are soft and light, while the predominant colour is white, although there are also echoes of the same passionate red used for the exterior. The materials employed for the interior, like the senses they awaken, are precious, with white leather upholstery and trimming for the seats, dashboard and floor, along with a red lacquered finish for the console and accessories.

The public will the chance to see this beauty at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.