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Pacific Seacraft - from Scotland to Hall of Fame

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Edward Green ▼ | June 8, 2009
W.I.B Crealock deserves the nickname "Gentleman Bill" not just because of his Queen's English, but also because he is one of the naval legends.
Pacific Seacraft 37
Pacific Seacraft 37W.I.B Crealock deserves the nickname "Gentleman Bill" not just because of his Queen's English, but also because he is one of the naval legends.

Mr. Crealock studied in Glasgow, one of the world's shipbuilding centres of that time, and besides learning and drawing he spent some time working as a carpenter or in some other part of the production. It turned out that production experience was very useful in his distinguished career. In 1952 young Bill Crealock wanted to go to a voyage to Australia, and after that plan failed he bought the old cutter and went to the sea. His adventures on Content ended up in a book "Vagabonding Under Sail.

Pacific Seacraft 37One adventure lead to another and the ketch "Arthur Rogers" took him to his second voyage and the second book. Somewhere under way some higher force connected Mr. Crealock with Ernest Chaimberlain, a businessman who desperately needed some rest. The two gentleman bought a schooner and for the next few months "Gloria Maris" happily sailed over the blue waters of Pacific.

However, it was not destined for young Mr. Crealock to spend his life in endless adventures. In California Willard Boat Works gave Crealock his first commission, a powerboat using an existing set of frames. The first request lead to another and "The Lady Claire" was born. The 56-foot trawler yacht marked the era of building and designing, all in the time when there were a shipyard on every corner.

Pacific Seacraft 37Boat after boat, Bill Crealock went from project to project and gave something special to every one of them. Sometimes it was the interior, sometimes something below the water line, and with time Mr. Crealock build a fine reputation among funs of the seas.

After the Time magazine published a lengthy article about cruising, Gentleman Bill was on his way to stars. He designed new and innovative yachts, taught Hollywood stars how to survive on the sea and the life led him to "Spartan", a blue-water cruiser. Not a single "Spartan" saw the sea, but Pacific Seacraft took over the tooling and the Crealock 37 was born. Although Mr. Crealock once said that 65-foot schooner "Kaiulani" is the boat he loves the most, "37" is what took him to the Hall of Fame.

Pacific Seacraft 37Pacific Seacraft 37 is a fantastic boat build using fiberglass techniques. Unlike some other boats, Pacific Seacraft's liner provides numerous openings, while the most important components are both of fiberglass and bolted for extra strength.

The interior of the Pacific Seacraft 37 is a beautiful compromise between liveability at anchor or dockside and seagoing comfort. The Pacific Seacraft 37 has been rigged as a sloop, cutter or yawl, the cutter been the rig of choice for most buyers. She is very agile, tacks through about 85 degrees, tracks very well and the speed is very respectable under almost all conditions. The Pacific Seacraft 37 is one of the best boats for sea lovers.