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Mercedes AMG GT4, the beast from Affalterbach

Edward Green ▼ | April 23, 2020
The new Mercedes AMG GT4 2020 features new design characteristics and technical optimisations.
Mercedes   Better driveability
MercedesThe particular advantages of the new Mercedes AMG GT4 can be found in its optimised brake cooling around the front axle as well as enhanced engine cooling. Both the enlarged brake air inlet as well as the dimensionally stable brake air lines with larger diameter prevent the brake components from overheating. As a result, they ensure better driveability as well as considerably reduced wear of the brakes that are under particular load during endurance races.

MercedesThanks to a new carbon brake air duct, adapted heat protection and optimised brake calliper adapters, the airflow through the thermally affected parts has been improved. A newly developed brake disc on the front axle, aimed at reliability and longevity, complements the optimised brake cooling. The re-arranged oil cooler contributes to an even more effective cooling of the proven AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine, just like the new carbon exhaust air duct and the newly shaped edge on the bonnet, made of natural fibre enforced material.

MercedesAs a result, the Mercedes AMG GT4 can reliably deliver its performance, even in extremely hot conditions. The update of the Mercedes AMG GT4 also includes optimised head and rear lights, identical to the corresponding units on the Mercedes AMG GT3. Their design is in line with the current Mercedes AMG GT road cars. Next to the fresh facelift look, the new light concept also comes with a practical purpose: the new LED high performance headlights provide considerably better illumination of the track.

MercedesIn darkness or in poor visibility, this leads to decisive advantages for the drivers in terms of safety and performance. The new edition combines performance, safety and economical aspects like no other car in this segment and has been tailor-made to meet the requirements of the customer teams. With its powerful V8 biturbo engine, the new Mercedes AMG GT4 also guarantees plenty of fun away from the major international racing stage, be it during track days or in race series with open classes.