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Hanse 548 sailing yacht is the crème de la crème

Edward Green ▼ | June 11, 2020
The new Hanse 548 sailing yacht features a luxurious loft of the crème de la crème.
Hanse 548
Hanse 548   A new level of spaciousness
Hanse 548At a length of more than 16 m and a breadth of 5 m, it offers a new level of spaciousness. It is the perfect yacht for a relaxing voyageto the world’s most breathtaking bays. Company's people were inspired by the element Earthduring the development of the Hanse 548. The clear, modern hull shape and interior build a sublime contrast to the natural materialsa nd warm hues. Elegant, prominent lines are what make the design of Hanse so unique.

Hanse 548The new Hanse 548 carries on this tradition perfectly. The aerodynamic, elongated deck and the eye-catching details harmoniously combine a confident style with sporty elegance. The combination of a perfectly harmonised lateral plan and a pre-balanced rudder blade is a further guarantee for high-speed performance and safety while you are sailing. A high rig is the trademark of every Hanse. This guarantees that you have the best sailing characteristics under all conditions, and it ensures your Hanse is one of the fastest yachts in its class.

Hanse 548Outstanding performance comes from having a steep stern and a straight stem. This intelligent design provides an optimal, long waterline at any heeling angle and superior speed for you on all courses. Hansen trimmed the sail so you can sail like a pro and included a backstay, which can be adjusted seamlessly. This enables the mast and the profile of the sail to perfectly adapt to the wind at all times. The Hanse Easy Sailing Concept is legendary.

Hanse 548They invented the integrated self-tacking jib and brought all the lines to the helm. This means you can sail your yacht alone or carefree while enjoying time with guests. Reefing, tacking and setting sail can all be performed from the helm without any effort. The deck is free of lines and fittings, giving you uncompromising comfort and space while you are at sea or relaxing in the harbour. The Hanse One-Rope Reff System ensures that handling is quick and effortless for you.