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Ghost Series II with unmistakable proportion and elegance

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Edward Green |
Ghost Series II EWB
Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Extended   A business tool and effortless driving experience

To be driven in the Ghost Extended Wheelbase is to be immersed in privacy. The extra 17 cm of legroom gives more room to work or relax but you should not be denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures of owning this car. Driving it.

Ghost Series II EWBSince its launch in 2009, Ghost has become the ultimate symbol of success for business people across the globe. In essence, it is a business tool for the business week and an engaging and effortless driving experience for leisure at the weekend. The new design at the front of Ghost Series II immediately hints at the power beneath the bonnet. The LED headlights have an instantly recognisable, modern shape, which is beautifully framed by the unbroken daytime running lights.

Ghost Series II EWBThe look is accentuated with the subtle sculpting of the bumper, while the chrome finishes on the lower grille create a contemporary feel. For the first time, 21" wheels are available making a bold, powerful statement. You can choose from five different with two different finishes. Every wheel features unique self-righting wheel centres that always correctly display the Rolls-Royce monogram and the classic 2:1 proportions of the wheel to body height is key to Rolls-Royce DNA.

Ghost Series II EWBThe twin-turbo, 6.6 litre, V12 engine takes Ghost Extended Wheelbase from 0-62 mph in a mere 5 seconds. But Ghost is not about power, it is about luxury inside. Inside the extended wheelbase version you may enjoy the extra 17cm of legroom. When you sink your feet into the lambswool carpet and lean back against the finest grade leather, with everything carefully crafted to create your private space, you will see why Rolls-Royce is the role model for all others manufacturers that strive to be great.

Ghost Series II EWBThe new rear seat design provides great comfort with sculpted seats that are gently angled towards each other. The cashmere-blend roof lining adds to the sense of openness and space, enhanced by the Panorama sunroof. Each set of veneers comes from a single tree, creating a seamless flow from facia to rear compartment. You can select from classic burrs or choose straight-grained for a more contemporary ambience. There are also crossbanded options and each piece is hand-polished to create a deep flawless shine.

Ghost Series II EWBAt the mere touch of a switch on the armrest, you can adjust your seat to the perfect position. With the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller, you can control entertainment through the rear theatre system or select contacts from your directory. Wireless hotspot makes browsing the internet on any device easy. Independently controlled high-resolution 9.2" screens and the Bespoke Audio system with 18 speakers throughout the cabin create a cinematic experience that makes even the longest journey entertaining.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Seies II Extended got its name after extended wheelbase but it might have been named Extended Luxury because this is what it is, indeed.

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