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Byton's first premium smart electric SUV goes into production

Edward Green ▼ | September 26, 2019
Byton, unveiled its first vehicle, the M-Byte SUV with the cockpit centered around the 48-inch-wide curved display.
Byton   Aerodynamics are key for an EV
M-ByteThe front of the Byton M-Byte was designed to visualize a new definition of power –prioritizing data power over horsepower. The falling feature line along the vehicle's flanks and the long wheelbase reflect interior roominess and add to a strong exterior stance. Aerodynamics are key for an EV to ensure maximum efficiency. With a low roofline, sleek silhouette and a very competitive drag coefficient, the exterior design is an aerodynamically optimized body. The floating C-pillar is a distinctive element, which also has aerodynamic functions to channel air flow around the greenhouse. Door handles that lay flush and a fully enclosed front fascia add to aero efficiency.

M-ByteOne of Byton's key design elements is the so-called Byton Front Blade between the upper jewel-like daytime running lights with the Byton letters, which will also distinguish future models in the Byton family. At the rear, the taillights are equipped with slim edge LED technology. The Byton Smart Surface at the front and the rear are a future-oriented element that transform the vehicle's body into an exterior user interface. When autonomous driving becomes reality, these additional lighting elements will communicate toward the outside world.

M-ByteIn the meantime, the Byton Smart Surfaces greet the user and display the charging status in charging scenarios. The exterior color portfolio offers classic variants, as well as progressive colors. The interior design of the Byton M-Byte is characterized by its superior space and is achieved through elements like the panoramic effect of the instrument panel or the door panel continuity over the B-pillar just like a new living space. Byton's design philosophy is to embrace digital content and technology, enabling users to interact in different ways such as sensors for gesture, touch or voice control.

M-ByteThe center of Byton M-Byte's interior design is the 48-inch curved display, which is integrated into the dashboard and enables the passengers to enjoy multiple digital services. The clean design of the instrument panel and wrap-around design elements integrate functions in a stylish yet discrete way and provide a feeling of protection and care for passengers. A digital lounge feeling permeates the cabin through a flat floor and floating dashboard, which fosters relaxation and communication. HVAC and other traditional components do not protrude into this “living room.” The front seats rotate inwards, facilitating conversation and allowing better visibility of the display for rear passengers.