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Bigger, better and more exclusive

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Edward Green |
Xenatec CoupeThe name Xenatec sounds like a cheap Far East company, but make no mistake: Germany-based company knows how to improve even the legendary Maybach. If you are sheikh or the head of the state or you just have one million dollars to spend, take a look at a big and luxurious Coupé.

Xenatec CoupeXenatec Coupé is built by the Xenatec division Karosserie Manufaktur Weinsberg in cooperation with Maybach. We have no doubt: Maybach is one of the finest cars ever built. It is a powerful combination of state of the art technology, superior driving performance and use of the finest materials. However, it wasn't enough for Xenatec. Based upon the Maybach 57 S limousine, Coupé sets new standards in terms of exclusivity – only 100 units will be built by hand in Germany and will be offered at the price of one million dollars. Without taxes, of course.

Xenatec CoupeThe Xenatec Coupé was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, creator of the dramatic Exelero (a joint project of Maybach and Fulda Tyre Company in 2004-2005), to surpass the highest expectations and fulfilling the needs of those who prefer Maybach experience in the driver's seat and enjoying the thrill of being at the helm of a high-performance supercar. The evolution from limousine to coupé involved major changes to body and interior, but none to the drive train of the Maybach 57 S.

Xenatec CoupeDrawing upon the vast reservoir of experience, Xenatec has designed and engineered the transformation of the highly exclusive Maybach 57 S limousine into an exciting and even more exclusive luxury coupé. Every single car will be built to individual customer specification and handcrafted in Germany. The opportunities for personalisation, even extending to armouring the car, are almost boundless.

Xenatec CoupeCompared to the Maybach 57 S limousine, major changes have been made to the immensely strong bodywork, which has been completely redesigned and engineered and features new doors allowing for easy access to the rear passenger compartment. The windscreen and rear screen are more steeply raked for a sporty silhouette, lowering the roofline without compromising passenger comfort. A full glass roof can be fitted if desired, as can almost all other options available for the Maybach 57 S.

Xenatec CoupeThe doors and side panels as well as the front and rear fenders are new, as are the front and rear bumpers. Rear track is increased by 20 millimetres, and the standard 20-inch wheels allow for a marvellously supple ride whilst the optional 21-inch wheels sharpen handling to sports car levels bringing the Maybach experience to the driver's seat. So, for quite reasonable price of one million dollars a huge high-end supercar with a 12-horsepower twin-turbo V12 engine can be yours. If you are fast enough.

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