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Bentley Grand Limousine by Mulliner. Enough said

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Edward Green ▼ | August 11, 2016
Bentley is a class for itself but they went a step further and mixed their heritage with a limousine concept. The result is the Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner and it is as good as it gets.
Bentley Grand Limousine Mulliner
Pure luxury   Unique Bentley has been handcrafted by coachbuilding division
Bentley Grand Limousine MullinerThe Mulsanne Grand Limousine is one metre longer and 79 mm taller than Bentley's Mulsanne and features a unique interior with private-aviation-style seating configuration in the rear cabin. Bentley's first application of electrochromic or "smart glass" – which allows passengers to switch the interior division and rear-cabin window glass between clear and opaque at the touch of a button – and onboard technology ensures the Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner experience is both exclusive and luxurious.

Bentley Grand Limousine MullinerThis private commission has been designed, engineered and handcrafted by Bentley's coachbuilding division, Mulliner, which has more than 100 years' heritage. Inside the ultra-luxurious, customer-commissioned passenger cabin is an experience evocative of the very best in luxury private-aviation design. The four seats – two of which are rear-facing to allow face-to-face conversation – are generously accommodated beneath a uniquely handcrafted wood-veneered roof bow within a cabin trimmed in sumptuous leather.

Bentley Grand Limousine MullinerWith the focus on the rear-cabin, a new HVAC system has been developed exclusively by Mulliner. Furthermore, the interior offers features such as iPad charging and docking stations, as well as veneered fold-out tables, a bottle cooler with frosted glass and crystal flutes, and a soft drink cabinet with bespoke tumblers. It has an intercom system to communicate with the driver and unique controls for the rear features. Throughout, only the most luxurious materials have been used to achieve exemplary levels of refinement.

Bentley Grand Limousine MullinerFinished in two-tone Silver Frost and Moroccan Blue, the greatest attention to detail has been applied. This is evident from the Flying B mascot – engraved with the words Coachbuilt by Mulliner – which stands above a unique iteration of Bentley's iconic chrome grille and lower bumper grilles, designed specifically for this car. The Mulsanne Grand is fitted with a fully engineered powertrain, transmission and a re-engineered chassis and suspension.