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Aston Martin Vulcan. The best car we've ever seen. Period

Edward Green ▼ | October 15, 2015
Named after Avro Vulcan, the famous British V bomber, Aston Martin Vulcan continues the excellence in the best possible way. It is sleek, powerful, and the design is the best we saw so far.
Aston Martin Vulcan
Supercar   $2.3 million for a truly unique car
Aston Martin VulcanThe 800-plus bhp, all-carbon fibre Aston Martin Vulcan delivers truly extreme performance and it is the new track-only supercar. Uniquely for Vulcan – limited to just 24 examples worldwide – it allows owners the opportunity to precisely tailor their track day experience through a graduating scale of detailed power and dynamic performance adjustments. Of course, you'll need a track and some driving lessons before you sit in it, but this is one of the finest examples auto industry can give us today.

Aston Martin VulcanThe heart of the Vulcan is the V-12 engine developed with assistance from Aston Martin Racing. It displaces 7.0 liters and produces 800-plus horsepower. Good enough for drivers of other cars to ask themselves "What am I doing here?" Whenever you look, the Vulcan's specifications are stunning. The engine is connected to a magnesium torque tube and a carbon-fiber driveshaft that channels power to a racing-spec Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox.

Aston Martin VulcanTo stop that beautiful beast, braking is accomplished by Brembo racing calipers gripping carbon-ceramic discs at all four wheels with 15 inches in diameter at the front, 14.2 at the rear. Power to the ground is delivered via Michelin racing tires. Since we are talking here about a racing car, the Vulcan apparently had to be built to FIA safety standards, and the chassis has a racing-style pushrod-operated suspension, adjustable dampers all around, and adjustable anti-roll bars. It also has driver-adjustable anti-lock brakes and traction control.

Aston Martin VulcanTo have one, if you are lucky enough to be one of 24, you'll have to cash out some $2.3 million or something like that, depending on the current exchange rate, but in return you'll get something that's hard to describe in words. And you will also get a range of tuition options to help you learn how to control the Vulcan and enjoy to the max. There will be a series of exclusive track-day events if you want to try before you buy although every true auto aficionado is ready to buy a new Aston Martin without a single look.