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World's top 300 co-operatives worth $2.2 trillion

Staff writer ▼ | October 13, 2014
The top 300 co-operatives in the world are collectively worth $2.205 trillion- an increase from the previous year's result of $2.097 trillion.
Huge value   The International Summit of Cooperatives
Unveiled at the International Summit of Cooperatives, the World Co-operative Monitor shows how important the contribution of co-operatives is to the global economy.

As well as providing data on the global movement, the database reveals how co-operatives have performed across different sectors. In the agriculture and food industries, data was collected for 523 co-operatives from 30 countries, which had a total turnover of $598bn in 2012. The National Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives (ZEN-NOH) of Japan came on top of the list, with a turnover of $56.8bn, followed by Nh Nonghyup (formerly NACF) of South Korea with $50.7bn and CHS INC of the USA, with $40.6bn.

In terms of the wholesale and retail trade sector, the monitor includes information on 405 co-operatives from 37 countries, with a turnover of $563.86bn in 2012. The largest co-operatives by turnover were ACDLEC - E. Leclerc of France with $57.66bn, Rewe Group in Germany with $54.84bn and Edeka Zentrale in Germany with $41.83bn.